Eating in Zegama – Cegama

Eating in Zegama– Cegama

Located in the middle of Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park, we come upon Zegama in the south of the comarca of Goierri. Eating in Zegama is synonymous with quality products such as cheese. The town’s bars and restaurants will give you the chance to try typical Basque dishes—delicious!

In the south of the comarca of Goierri (located in the province of Guipuzcoa), right nearby Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park, the town of Zegama is the perfect place to enjoy nature in its purest state. The town is known for two festivals related to gastronomy, one being the Day of the Beekeeper in April, when the Guipuzcoa honey contest takes place. The town’s other famous holiday is the San Martín Festival in November, with a large exhibit of vegetables and other regional products. A cheese contest also takes place that day where you can try different kinds of cheese produced in the comarca, above all the renowned Idiazabal cheese.

What’s more, in this town you’ll be able to find typical Guipuzcoan dishes, especially the region’s exceptional meats as well as seafood from the coastal areas, which is also very common in the cuisine of Zegama. Don’t miss the opportunity to try these delicacies along with a glass of Txakoli de Getaria (a locally-produced white wine) or a nice cider. A visit to the famous San Adrián Tunnel can be the perfect excuse to experience firsthand all that there is to eat in Zegama.

The pub Txanton serves a few pinchos and montaditos (small sandwiches), perfect for a mid-morning snack. However, the best option in this town is à la carte dining.

Dónde comer en Zegama
Cervecería Txanton
Dónde comer en Zegama
Cervecería Txanton

Although there aren’t many places to eat in Zegama, the town is home to a few hotels where it’s possible to find quality dining, usually linked to the culinary tradition of Guipuzcoa. The inn Pensión Zegama has a restaurant where you can enjoy the traditional recipes of the region. Their dishes are prepared using quality, locally-sourced meat and produce.

Six kilometers away in Zerain, we come to Oiharte Cider House where you can order off the prix fixe menu. Cheeses, chistorra (a type of sausage), steak…all delicious options!

Just a few kilometers away in the Otzaurte neighborhood you’ll find Otzaurteko Benta, a very popular establishment. At this family-owned restaurant, they make home-style cooking based on the Goierri tradition, and two of their most popular dishes are the beans and the grilled lamb.

To supplement the selection of restaurants in Zegama itself, other nearby towns such as Segura, Idiazabal, and Zerain also have good places to eat.

Dónde comer en Segura
Sidrería Oiharte
Dónde comer en Zegama
Restaurante Otzaurteko Benta

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