Eating in Ordizia

Eating in Ordizia

Located inland in the province of Gipuzkoa on the bank of the Oria River, we come across Ordizia, a town where locally-sourced products are at the heart of the gastronomy. Vegetables, cheese, cider…all delicious! Also, you’ll be able to choose from a number of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy eating in Ordizia. Can you really pass that up?

The town of Ordizia, belonging to the comarca of Goierri, exemplifies the gastronomy of Gipuzkoa. The most important farmers’ market in the province is held every Wednesday in the Plaza Mayor. This display of the region’s typical homegrown products is also one of the most important of its kind in all of the Basque Country, given that it is where produce prices are set for the entire autonomous community.

Ordizia is also home to the D’elikatuz Center, an interesting gastronomical interpretation center conceived as a space dedicated to food and health which holds tastings, classes, exhibits, and other activities. It’s likely that whatever you end up eating will be related to traditional Basque cuisine and will showcase the area’s seafood, meat, and produce.

Some of the region’s most renowned products are also common in Ordizia, especially Idiazabal cheese, handcrafted cider, and Txakoli de Getaria, one of the most popular Basque wines. If you’re looking for the right occasion to discover all that there is to eat in Ordizia, the Aurresku (dance) of the Santaneros festival, starring newlywed couples, can provide the perfect opportunity.

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If you’re looking for bars where you can get pinchos, raciones, or sandwiches, Ordizia has several establishments specializing in just that, including Pottoka and Aldasoro. At Pottoka you’ll find a bar full of pinchos; the only problem will be that you won’t know which one to choose! They have hot and cold pinchos, scrambled eggs with seasonal mushrooms, and a very good cuttlefish pincho. On the other hand, don’t miss out on the bar Aldasoro’s gastronomic experience including good pinchos and raciones.

The bar Nerea serves filling pinchos and raciones. We recommend the cuttlefish croquettes, the Spanish omelet, and the salad. They even have a pincho of meatballs in tomato sauce which will leave you wanting more.

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Bar Pottoka
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Bar Aldasoro

When it comes to eating in Ordizia, you’ll be able to find all kinds of restaurants. Zubibi is a good Basque restaurant where it’s possible to get all kinds of specialties made using quality locally-sourced products. They offer several prix fixe menus which vary in price. Their fried eggs with Iberian ham and mushroom are delicious; when it’s the right season, mushrooms are utilized a lot in the restaurant’s dishes.

The cider house Tximista is another good place for eating in Ordizia. Here you’ll find a traditional setting with banquet tables, big casks of cider, and a classic menu featuring specialties such as ox chops, bean stews, and Spanish omelet with codfish.

On the outskirts of town you can find Oiangu, the fruit of a collaborative effort between city hall and the Basque Culinary Center which consists of several different rooms and uses fresh seasonal products to prepare an appetizing menu with strong local character. At this elegant restaurant in Ordizia, you can choose from a wide range of dishes.

Dónde comer en Ordicia
Restaurante Zubibi
Dónde comer en Ordicia
Sidrería Tximista

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