Eating in Getaria – Guetaria

Eating in Getaria

Getaria is a medieval town in the mountains characterized by Mount San Antón, known for its mouse-like shape. If you want to know what to eat in Getaria, the town’s fishing port makes freshly-caught fish an important part of the local cuisine.

Like any true seaside town, Getaria is famous for its seafood. Here, right on the seashore, you can try some exceptional fish (turbot, red mullet, codfish, sea bream, sole, sea bass) and shellfish (txangurro aka king crab, lobster, langoustine, barnacles). Traditional seafood-based stews like kokotxa, made with codfish or hake; marmitako; and hake a la koskera are common on restaurants’ menus. However, the town’s signature dish will always be grilled fish, prepared on barbecues on the street outside of restaurants. The town is also known for its canned foods, especially anchovies and tuna.

Another local specialty is, of course, Txakoli de Getaria, a white wine that is produced by the large number of wineries in the mountains surrounding the town, some of which are open to visitors and hold frequent wine tastings. In this town you can also find producers of the famous Idiazabal cheese. If you visit during San Salvador Festival in August, you might get to see a reenactment of the departure of Juan Sebastián Elcano for his voyage around the world, which is staged every four years and is one of the town’s most important events.

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kokotxas getaria
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If pinchos are what you’re looking for, Getaria is home to several establishments specializing in this traditional form of miniature cuisine.

We can highlight a few places such as Politena, with an endless pinchos bar and good grilled fish. There’s also Itxaspe, where you can eat a delicious Spanish omelette among the many other options on their pinchos bar.

There are numerous options for places to dine in Getaria. The restaurant Elkano is a true classic in the town, an award-winning establishment with a Michelin Star whose signature dish is grilled fish.

Another place we recommend is Kaia Kaipe, which serves cuisine based on the traditions of Getaria including grilled fish and all kinds of fresh seafood from the town’s ports. They also have an extensive wine menu and they rent out the premises for all kinds of special events.

Boga Boga is another restaurant to keep in mind in Getaria, due to their classic cuisine and pleasant dining room with views of the port.

Dónde comer en Getaria
Restaurante Boga Boga
Dónde comer en Getaria
Restaurante Elkano
Dónde comer en Getaria
Restaurante Kaia Kaipe

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