Eating in Deba – Deva

Eating in Deba - Deva

The town of Deba, surrounded by mountains in the Gipuzkoan comarca of Debabarrena, is part of one of the most beautiful sections of the Cantabrian coastline. As in any seaside town, eating fresh fish in Deba is obligatory. Want to know where?

The town of Deba is situated in the heart of the Basque Coast Geopark. Located at the mouth of the Deba River on the coast of the Cantabrian Sea, Deba is home to a natural environment that is just as spectacular as its culinary tradition. It is known for its cuisine that represents the essence of traditional Basque cuisine. As in any true coastal town, fish plays a central role in the diet of Deba. Dishes typically found on the town’s tables include codfish, monkfish, turbot, hake, tuna, and all kinds of species native to the Cantabrian. Canned fish products are also common in the area.

When it comes to meat, beef is king in this area and is prepared in the form of steaks, fillets, and sirloins. In addition, thanks to the presence of bull farms like Marqués de Saka, bull meat is another typical product in Deba and the surrounding area. Be sure to try some Idiazabal cheese, produced in the region. And, of course, you can accompany your meal with a nice glass of Txakoli de Getaria (white wine) or cider.

pintxo deba
rodaballo deba
queso deba

We’ll highlight a few bars in downtown Deba where you can get good pinchos. At Bar Mazzantini, one look at the pinchos bar will make your taste buds water. They also serve enormous sandwiches that can be shared by two people.

Another option for eating in Deba is Taberna Buru Zuri, where you can enjoy some hamburger sliders.

Finally, we recommend Cafetería Atozte for excellent pinchos, combo meals, sandwiches, and stuffed tortilla.

Dónde comer en Deba
Buru Zuri
Dónde comer en Deba
Cafetería Atozte
Dónde comer en Deba
Bar Mazzantini

There are various options for dining in Deba. Calbetón is a restaurant where traditional fare meets contemporary techniques, giving rise to an appetizing menu. They have their own garden and livestock farm and their fish comes from the local markets.

The Aisia Deba hotel has a noteworthy restaurant where home-style cooking is served in a comfortable setting, featuring a wall lined with large windows that look out directly onto the sea. They rent out the premises for special events like weddings and communions.

Located in the part of Deba known as Itziar, the restaurant Salegi is another place to keep in mind. Their cuisine is notable for its skillful preparation as well as for its use of quality locally-sourced ingredients. Additionally, the restaurant’s spacious facilities mean that it’s easy to get a table as well as celebrate all kinds of special occasions, whether it be a family or business event.

Dónde comer en Deba
Restaurante Salegi
Dónde comer en Deba
Restaurante Hotel Aisia Deba

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