Eating in Azkoitia – Azcoitia

Eating in Azkoitia - Azcoitia

In the Urola River Valley in the province of Gipuzkoa, we come upon the thousand-year-old town of Azkoitia. There are numerous monuments to visit here, such as the birthplace of the count of Peñaflorida and the historical quarter. To put the finishing touch on your visit, eat at Azkoitia’s tapas bars and restaurants, where you’ll be transported to the authentic flavor of Basque gastronomy.

There’s plenty to eat in Azkoitia, a town in the comarca of Urola known for its exceptional natural environment. Surrounded by mountains, Azkoitia dedicates itself to mountain tourism, but gastronomy also carries a lot of weight. In general, the cuisine of the area is ascribed to the mountainous tradition of the Basque Country. In Azkoitia’s kitchens you will find stews, meat, and grilled fish, all very common dishes in the town. Like any true Basque town, Azkoitia’s taverns offer a good selection of pinchos which can be accompanied with a locally-produced beverage like cider or a glass of the famous Txakoli de Getaria.

To finish off your meal you can try some pastries, especially Azkoitia macaroons. These are made with egg yolks, almonds, and sugar and you can get them at Presalde, a famous bakery in the town.

Ttakun, located in downtown Azkoitia, serves a wide variety of pinchos, raciones (snacks), and sandwiches—we highly recommend it. Another option is Arkupe, an attractive and inviting bar which is a good place to go with friends. Finally, Errexil is a perfect bar for families. They serve quality home-style cooking, and the best part is their wonderful terrace where you can enjoy some traditional txikitos and potes (small glasses of wine).

There are numerous options for places to eat in Azkoitia, and the restaurant Joseba is one of the best. This old mansion has been repurposed as a restaurant that serves quality, appetizing cuisine representing a perfect union between Basque traditions and more current trends. The restaurant comprises three dining rooms and an outdoor terrace, making it easy to get a table or rent out the facilities for special events like weddings and communions.

In downtown Azkoitia you’ll find Iturri, a restaurant with a relaxed environment where they prepare quality cuisine based on natural, locally-sourced products, emphasizing meat and fresh fish from the nearby Cantabrian coast.

In the Madariaga neighborhood on the outskirts of town, Aittola Zar is another place to keep in mind at mealtime in Azkoitia. Their cuisine represents the essence of the Basque tradition, with specialties including beans, barbecued locally-sourced meats, and grilled lamb. They offer an à la carte menu as well as a prix fixe menu for groups, all in the middle of a top-notch natural environment.

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