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Eating in Arantzazu

Not far from Oñati you’ll find Arantzazu, home to a Catholic shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Arantzazu and known worldwide for its architecture, which definitely makes it worth the visit. The town is an exemplar of 20th-century Basque art and also offers some places to eat. Basque cuisine will surely win you over in this beautiful place.

Arantzazu is home to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Arantzazu, an important site for pilgrimage in the cult to the Virgin Mary. The sanctuary is the main thing to do here, where you can see works by modern artists such as Eduardo Chillida and Jorge Oteiza. There is also a small handful of hotels and restaurants. When it comes to dining in Arantzazu, the cuisine found here is closely linked to the Gipuzkoan tradition.

Meat and seafood are the cornerstones of the fare that you’ll find in the restaurants around the shrine. The meat, especially pork (although lamb and handmade embutidos are also common), comes from local farms where the animals graze in the lush pastures surrounding the sanctuary. When it comes to seafood, the town’s vicinity to the coast makes it possible to find good fresh fish in this mountainous area. If you’re looking for something to wash down all that there is to eat in Arantzazu, the white wine Txakoli de Getaria is a good option as well as homemade cider, another classic product of Gipuzkoa.

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filete patatas arantzazu

The Basque Country is famous for generous portion sizes and the ability to eat well for cheap. There’s nowhere to get tapas directly in Arantzazu, but if tapas are what you’re looking for you can head to Oñate. A good option in Oñate is Bar Harripe, a casual joint with quality food, generous servings, and economical prices. Another place to eat in the vicinity of Arantzazu is Bar Oñati, which specializes in pinchos and wine. Finally, at Bar Otamendi you can enjoy a good glass of wine as well as a wide variety of beers.

The dining options in Arantzazu are all high-quality and mostly subscribe to the gastronomic tradition of the Basque Country.

The restaurant in the hotel Santuario de Arantzazu is an establishment where fish and meat make up the bulk of the menu, which features all kinds of local specialties. The restaurant’s facilities and size also make it a good place to hold celebrations for weddings, communions, and other special occasions.

Zelai Zabal is a restaurant with traditional décor where they serve creative cuisine based on the classic cookbook of Gipuzkoa. It’s also possible to rent out the restaurant for events such as weddings, communions, and business meetings.

Another good place to eat in Arantzazu is Goiko Benta, a restaurant where local cuisine is prepared home-style using certain contemporary techniques, striking a good balance between classic and contemporary concepts.

Comer Arantzazu restaurante zebai zabal
Restaurante Zelai Zabal

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