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Eating in Getxo – Guecho

Located just 12 kilometers from Bilbao is Getxo, a town situated on the right bank of the Bilbao Estuary. This is a magnificent place to take a walk and visit sites like the suspension bridge and the trail along the town’s cliffs. But that’s not all—the town’s culinary offering allows you to try all the flavors of Basque cuisine. Eating in Getxo is sure to please.

Located on the Bilbao Estuary, Getxo offers you a great gastronomic experience based mainly on the Basque fishing tradition. Fish from the ports surrounding Bilbao are some of the most common food products in Getxo. Different seafood species form the basis of traditional recipes such as marmitako, codfish al pil pil, and hake a la koskera. Canned tuna, anchovies, and sardines are also important to the culinary tradition of the area. In addition to seafood, all that there is to eat in Getxo is closely linked to traditional Basque cuisine. Barbecued meats, especially veal, and traditional embutidos coexist with produce and other local specialties that are highly popular in the town’s restaurants. And speaking of Basque traditions, we can’t forget about pinchos, which can be found in different forms in the vast majority of Getxo’s bars and tend to be accompanied with a locally-produced beverage like cider or Txakoli de Vizcaya wine.

ventresca getxo

Pinchos are a great option for eating in Getxo, a town that offers an ample selection of bars. Here we’ll highlight a few, including Arrantzale, Irrintzi, and La Despensa 5J. There are a ton of pinchos bars in this area, so if you’re not sold on these three bars there are others to check out.

comer getxo Bar Arrantzale
Bar Arrantzale
comer pinchos getxo bar irrintzi
Bar Irrintzi
comer getxo pinchos bar despensa
Bar La Despensa 5J

There are numerous options of places to eat in Getxo. Cubita is one of the town’s most popular places. This charming restaurant is connected to a mill built in the 18th century. They serve traditional cuisine and specialize in meat and seafood, offered through an à la carte menu as well several prix fixe menus. They have three rooms of different sizes where you can easily get a table and can also celebrate weddings and other special occasions.

In Las Arenas we can find the restaurant Sukam, a modern and inviting establishment where tradition, modernity, and the influence of international cuisines come together in a top-notch culinary offering. They have an à la carte menu as well as daily prix fixe menus.

In Neguri, Jolastoki is another restaurant to keep in mind for eating in Getxo. Their cuisine has a strong classic essence and is prepared using fresh locally-sourced products. They also use seasonal products, so the menu changes several times throughout the year. They also offer several different prix fixe menus and have sufficient space for wedding celebrations, communions, and other special occasions.

comer getxo restaurante cubita
Restaurante Cubita
comer getxo restaurante sukam
Restaurante Sukam
comer getxo restaurante jolastoki
Restaurante Jolastoki

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