Eating in Elorrio

Eating in Elorrio

Located in the Duranguesado Valley and surrounded by mountains, you’ll find Elorrio. Founded in 1356 by Don Tello, Lord of Biscay, the town is full of mansions, manor houses, and of course pinchos bars and restaurants where you can try delicious Basque cuisine. Do you want to know where to eat in Elorrio?

Elorrio lies at the foot of Mount Urdalaitz, providing the opportunity to enjoy Basque cuisine in all its splendor. As in every town in Biscay, barbecued meats are very common when it comes times to eat in Elorrio. Pork is used to make different kinds of embutidos, including buzkantza, a traditional type of blood sausage which is practically no longer made in the present day. The town’s markets receive fresh fish from the northern coast, making it possible to find a good offering of seafood products on the menus of its restaurants. There is also a lot of farming in Elorrio. In the past, the town produced a great quantity of strawberries and leeks which today have largely been replaced by grapes, which are used to make the renowned Txakoli de Vizcaya wine.

Throughout the year, several festivals and traditional markets are held where you can discover firsthand all the classic products to keep in mind when it comes to eat in Elorrio. The Errebombillos Festival is also a perfect opportunity to explore the town and its gastronomy.

pimiento relleno elorrio
ensalada elorrio

We’ll recommend some places to eat in Elorrio. At Frontis, you can try the txakoli (white wine) and pair it with their legendary pincho of pencas stuffed with ham and cheese. Another option is Taberna Xara where you can have a pincho and pote (a small glass of wine).

comer elorrio taberna xara
Taberna Xara

There are numerous options of places to eat in Elorrio. The restaurant of the Elorrio Hotel is another good place to eat, thanks to its quality cuisine prepared with skill and offered through an affordable daily prix fixe menu. In addition to the prix fixe menu, they also offer other options such as a special weekend menu, an à la carte menu, and other suggestions geared towards wedding receptions, communions, and all kinds of special occasions.

In the Iguria neighborhood you’ll find the restaurant Kanpazar, a top-notch establishment that specializes in barbecue.

comer elorrio restaurante hotel elorrio
Restaurante Hotel Elorrio

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