Eating in Ea

Eating in Ea

Ea, a unique town on the coast of Biscay, is divided in two by a river that runs through the town. Like a kind of smaller Basque version of Venice, Ea’s houses protrude over the river, which can be crossed by way of four Roman bridges. If you want to know what to eat in Ea, keep in mind that it’s a town with a longstanding fishing tradition. Are you starting to get the picture?

Located at the mouth of the river that bears its name, Ea is a small town where traditional cuisine is very much alive. Given its proximity to the Cantabrian coast, the cuisine of Ea is notable for its seafood, which forms the basis of classic recipes like codfish al pil pil, hake a la koskera, and marmitako. When it comes to produce, Ea’s vegetable gardens grow top-notch tomatoes and kidney beans, which are important in the area. When it comes to meat, veal is the most common meat on the tables of Ea and is generally grilled in the form of a steak, sirloin, or fillet. To go with your meal, there’s nothing better than a glass of cider or a locally-produced wine such as Txakoli de Vizcaya. If you get the chance, visit the town during the Fiestas del Veraneante (Summer Festival) and attend the gastronomic competitions.

merluza vasca ea
alubias tipico ea
bacalao pil pil orduna

You’re in a small town, so the options for places to get pinchos in Ea are scarce. Nonetheless, we’ll recommend some places where you can eat well on the cheap. First, there’s Zubiondo with its riverside terrace. This is a perfect place to have pinchos or raciones, and they also have a reputation for excellent service. A little farther away, near the town hall, you’ll find Eskoikiz and Txangurru. We recommend both of these taverns, unpretentious joints with home cooking and great pinchos.

comer ea Eskoikiz
comer ea Txangurru

There are several places to eat in Ea, a town which has a diverse offering of restaurants and represents the most classic side of the Biscayan gastronomic tradition.

Errekaize is a very popular restaurant in the area. They use fresh locally-sourced products to prepare traditional cuisine based on the Biscayan cookbook.

Another place to keep in mind when it comes time to eat in Ea is Aritza. In addition to their menu which showcases all kinds of traditional recipes and dishes, they offer a wide variety of pinchos at their pinchos bar. This place is a true classic in Ea.

Just two kilometers from the center of the city, on Natxitua Hill, you’ll find the restaurant Ermintxo, a popular place to eat in Ea. Their cuisine is simple but high-quality and is based on fresh seasonal products, including fish from the local markets and meat from Basque farms. They have a good wine menu featuring wines from various regions.

comer ea restaurante ermintxo
Restaurante Ermintxo

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