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Eating in Bilbao

The cosmopolitan city of Bilbao in northern Spain is run through by the Nervión River. On the west bank of the river lie the casco viejo (old quarter) and the famous medieval neighborhood of Las Siete Calles (the Seven Streets). The city has a lively pinchos bar scene, which makes eating in Bilbao a real treat.

There’s plenty to eat in Bilbao, a city where Basque cuisine reaches a high point in terms of quality. On the west bank you’ll find the casco viejo where the city was founded. The history and traditions of the area are reflected in the atmosphere and appearance of its streets, bars, and taverns, whose pinchos are recognized as one of the main culinary specialties of Bilbao. In areas like Las Siete Calles and Begoña you’ll find many kinds of pinchos in bars and taverns full of ambiance.

To accompany the pinchos, try some Txakoli de Vizcaya (a white wine that is very typical in the Basque Country) or a locally-produced cider. Some other must-see places are Unamuno Plaza and the nearby Plaza Nueva, which is surrounded by a number of restaurants where you can enjoy seafood dishes as well as different kinds of meat. Codfish is one of the most common kinds of fish in the Biscayan capital and is prepared in various styles, including al pil pil and a la vizcaína, two of the most popular methods of preparation. You can also try other seafood dishes, such as baked txangurro (crab), marmitako, and hake a la koskera. Visit in August to take advantage of the festival of Aste Nagusia (Great Week) and discover for yourself all that there is to eat in Bilbao.

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Tapas are one of the most popular options for eating in Bilbao, and the west bank is home to several of the city’s best-known pinchos bars, most of which are concentrated in Plaza NuevaGure Toki serves up a cuisine that is both traditional and creative. Their pinchos cost a little more than most, but they’re different from the pinchos you’ll find in other bars.

Taberna Plaza Nueva is a classic joint in the area. If you’re looking for a calamari tapa in Bilbao, this is the place to go. Xukela stands out for its quality and the ingredients they use to make their pinchos. They’re also known for their homemade vermouth. If you’re eating in the casco viejo of Bilbao, Xukela is a must.

Some other options are Negresco, which has a nice pinchos bar with classic dishes, and Café Bilbao, a hundred-year-old establishment with an extensive menu.

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Café Bilbao
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Taberna Plaza Nueva
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Restaurante Xukela

There are numerous options for eating in Bilbao. El Arandia de Julen has one of the best reputations among the restaurants in Bilbao’s casco viejo. It’s a classic joint that offers up to six different prix fixe menus to accommodate different tastes and price ranges.

The restaurant Víctor Montes is a true classic in Bilbao, known for its pinchos as well as its full dishes. Its cuisine represents the purest of the Biscayan gastronomic tradition and is prepared using quality locally-sourced products.

Located on a hilltop on the outskirts of the city, Kate Zaharra is a renowned restaurant where you can take in spectacular panoramic views of Bilbao. Their top-notch cuisine is based on high-quality ingredients and prepared according to the classic precepts of the Basque gastronomic tradition, showcasing meat and all types of fish.

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