Eating in Arrigorriaga

Eating in Arrigorriaga

Just eight kilometers north of the capital of Bilbao in the comarca of Uribe-Nervión, you’ll find Arrigorriaga, a town that sits on the bank of the Nervión River. Some of the area’s must-see points of artistic interest are Santa María Magdalena Church, San Pedro de Abrisqueta Chapel, and several hidden gems that are well worth a visit. Do you want to know where to eat in Arrigorriaga?

Arrigorriaga boasts a delicious cuisine derived from the culinary tradition of the Basque Country. Locally-sourced products form the basis of a cuisine characterized by meats such as veal and pork. Thanks to the town’s proximity to the coast and to some of the province’s biggest markets, you’ll get to have some delicious fish, hake and codfish being two of the most common kinds of fish found on the tables of Arrigorriaga. Tapas are also an important custom in the area, which is home to numerous establishments specializing in different kinds of pinchos. To wash down all that there is to eat in Arrigorriaga, try a glass of traditional cider or Txakoli de Vizcaya, two very popular drinks in the area that go great with foods such as Idiazabal cheese.

queso idiazabal
merluza gambas almejas arrigorriaga

Here are some of our recommendations for bars in Arrigorriaga where you can have delicious pinchos. Goikiri Bi is a perfect place to have potes (small glasses of wine) and choose from their pinchos bar. Geltoki is another spot that we recommend.

Another place to eat in Arrigorriaga is Fer’s, a quiet and inviting bar where you’ll find a variety of products to enjoy on their terrace.

comer arrigorriaga bar goikiri bi
Bar Goikiri Bi
comer arrigorriaga bar geltoki
Bar Geltoki

Arrigorriaga offers diverse and high-quality options for eating. The restaurant Mendikosolo is one of the most popular establishments in this Biscayan town. Located on the outskirts in a nice natural environment, it serves classic cuisine showcasing all types of grilled meats as well as other regional specialties.

Another restaurant in Arrigorriaga that we recommend is Poli, which offers daily prix fixe menus at fair prices as well as separate prix fixe menus for weekends and special occasions. Their cuisine is simple but made well. They also have a pinchos bar that is well-known in the town where you can try all different kinds of pinchos.

Museo el Barco is a boat-themed restaurant that serves a cuisine characterized by a wide variety of fish from the nearby coast and quality locally-sourced meats. They offer both prix fixe and à la carte options, and they have spacious rooms designated for special occasions such as wedding receptions and communions.

comer arrigorriaga bar geltoki
Bar Geltoki
comer arrigorriaga restaurante museo
Restaurante Museo El Restaurante

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