Eating in Zalduendo – Zalduondo

Eating in Zalduendo – Zalduondo

In the northeastern part of the Álava Plains, we find ourselves in Zalduondo, a small village in the province of Álava. Eating in Zalduondo is synonymous with local products and traditional Basque recipes—delicious!

Located in Agurain, the town of Zalduondo is home to some of the best gastronomy in the region. Enjoy typical local products like game meats, fish, and produce cultivated in the local gardens. Generally speaking, Zalduondo’s cuisine represents the traditional gastronomy of the area. Some of its most popular recipes include potatoes with chorizo and snails.

In season, mushrooms from the town’s forests are ever-present when it comes to eating in Zalduondo. In winter, its kitchens prepare all kinds of soups and stews to warm you up, especially bean stews with vegetables and pork. Other classic products of Álava’s gastronomy like Idiazabal cheese and Txakoli de Álava are also easy to find here. The town’s unique Carnaval celebration can be the perfect occasion to experience eating in Zalduondo. The village also hosts several gastronomic festivals throughout the year.

queso alava
Arabako Txakolina
Viñedos de Chacolí de Álava

When it comes to eating in Zalduondo, it won’t be possible to get pinchos or tapas due to the town’s nearly non-existent selection of bars. Instead, we recommend some of the suggestions in the “À la carte” section of this page.

In Araia (4 km away) there’s Umandi restaurant, which serves home-style cooking prepared in accordance with the classic guidelines of these parts of Álava. Great pork ribs and haricot beans with clams. They have an à la carte menu and a prix fixe menu of the day.

Nearby Umandi, also in the town of Araia, Araia cider house is a good option if you’re looking for an establishment that specializes in barbecue near Zalduondo.

Laua Jantokia, in Langarika, is one of the most appealing establishments in the area, especially due to its creative and innovative cuisine, made using local quality products and focusing on the tradition of the area. Amazing dishes. Rated as excellent by our community of travelers.

In Alegría-Dulantzi (19 km away) you can find Mesón Erausquyn restaurant, whose food is an appetizing fusion of more innovative options and Álava’s long-lived classic recipes. We recommend dishes like the gooey potato croquettes, octopus with spicy paprika, and the black bean stew. Some dishes come with a garnish of potato foam. Beyond these restaurants, the bulk of the options for eating in Zalduondo and the surrounding area are concentrated in the town of Agurain.

comer zalduendo restaurante umandi
Restaurante Umandi
comer zalduendo sidreria araia
Sidrería Araia

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