Eating in Villanañe

Eating in Villanañe

Eating in Villanañe is a real treat due to the town’s selection of traditional Basque dishes. You won’t want to miss out on the delicious products which you can bring home with you to surprise your family and friends. Although there’s only one restaurant in Villanañe, there are other options in the nearby towns and cities that you should take into consideration.

Located in the municipality of Valdegovía, the small town of Villanañe gives you the opportunity to enjoy some good Basque cuisine. When it comes to eating in Villanañe, the food is strongly connected to the recipes of inland Basque Country where embutidos (cured sausages) and cheeses are some of the signature products.

When it comes to meat, game products are very common on the tables of Villanañe and in season they are served with mushrooms gathered from the nearby forests. The potato is one of the most typical crops when it comes to eating in Villanañe, and the importance of the product can be seen in the Potato Festival, celebrated every year in the municipality of Valdegovía.

To put the finishing touch on your visit, try some Txakoli de Álava, the province’s most famous beverage, as well as locally-produced dried fruits and honey, all classic products when it comes to eating in Villanañe.

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The restaurant on the Angosto campsite has an extensive menu of pinchos, raciones, and sandwiches—perfect if you’re looking for a quick meal. There’s also a bar in the Centro Social Villanañe (Villanañe Social Center) where you can have a cold drink.

comer villanane restaurante angosto
Restaurante Angosto
comer villanane bar centro social
Bar Centro Social Villanañe

The options for eating in Villanañe are scarce in quantity but abundant in quality. The only restaurant in the town is the restaurant on the Angosto campsite, a modest establishment with good food that offers a daily prix fixe menu and special weekend menus.

At the entrance of Villanueva de Valdegovía you’ll find Asador Gorbea restaurant, a true classic when it comes to eating in Villanañe and the surrounding area. They specialize in traditional recipes from these parts of Álava, prepared using seasonal products and local produce. The restaurant also features a bar and terrace.

One of the most popular restaurants in the town of Espejo is La Kabaña, a long-standing establishment that offers pleasant, spacious facilities and fare connected to the culinary tradition of inland Basque Country. The menu of the day is excellent. We give the fried anchovies a 10 out of 10.

Moving to the town of Valpuesta in the province of Burgos, you can find Los Canónigos restaurant, another good place for eating in Villanañe and the surrounding area. This charming restaurant is housed in an original 14th-century cottage and their food represents the mountainous character of this area where the Basque and Castilian identities meet. The grilled sardine fillet is delicious. They also have tasty pinchos such as smoked sardines.

comer villanane restaurante asador gorbea
Restaurante Asador Gorbea
comer villanane kabana
La Kabaña

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