Eating in Moreda de Álava

Eating in Moreda de Álava

Olive oil plays an important role in the gastronomy of the entire Basque Country, but nowhere more than Moreda de Álava. Eating in Moreda de Álava exemplifies the saying “less is more,” seeing as it doesn’t have many original local recipes, but the products and dishes that it does have to offer are outstanding. Although there are very few places for eating in Moreda de Álava itself, the town of Oion is just three kilometers away, so you’ll have a good excuse to go try their dishes and creations as well.

When it comes to eating in Moreda de Álava, a town belonging to the comarca of Rioja Alavesa, you’ll find a range of traditional products and recipes. Some of the town’s most classic dishes include pork chops al sarmiento and Riojan sartenada, a dish made with snail, potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers grown in the Basque Country.

Much of the food you’ll find yourself eating in Moreda de Álava will be made using olive oil produced in the town thanks to the abundance of Arróniz olives that grow there. The town’s annual Olive Oil Festival demonstrates just how important this product is when it comes to eating in Moreda de Álava. As it is located on the border between the Basque Country and La Rioja, in Moreda de Álava’s wineries you can easily find good Rioja wines as well as Txakoli de Álava and cava (sparkling white wine). The ideal time to visit is during the Semana Santa (Holy Week) festivities which include the town’s traditional burning of Judas ceremony, a great opportunity to discover the local gastronomy and try some zurracapote (similar to sangria), a typical beverage at that time of year.

plato moreda alava
zurracapote alava
aceite oliva

San Quintín restaurant in the town of Oion has a large selection of tapas at its bar. They make a great Spanish omelette. In Oion you can also find Cafetería Avenida 38 SL, where you can have some pinchos on their enclosed patio. They don’t offer a large selection, but the pinchos and dishes that they do have are very well-done.

comer alava restaurante san quintin
Restaurante San Quintín
comer alava restaurante caferetia avenida
Restaurante Cafeteria Avenida 38 SL

Although there aren’t many places for eating in Moreda de Álava, the town’s selection of restaurants is supplemented by other towns in the area. On the outskirts of Oion is San Quintín restaurant, an affordable establishment with good food made according to the traditional standards of southern Álava’s gastronomy. The stuffed piquillo peppers make for a good snack.

In the nearby town of Viana in Navarre, you can find Tres Tinas restaurant, a true classic for eating in Moreda de Álava and the surrounding area. Their food has a strong traditional character and they specialize in grilled meats and other local dishes. They offer an à la carte menu and a special barbecue menu. Let’s all go for some pork chops and steak!

Borgia restaurant, also found in Viana, is a modern minimalist establishment whose menu blends classic cuisine with contemporary techniques, always using fresh top-notch ingredients. The pisto (similar to ratatouille) is a fan favorite.

Returning to Álava, we recommend the restaurant of D Luis R winery in Lantziego. Their menu derives from the gastronomic tradition forged by contact between the Basque Country and La Rioja, which is quite common when it comes to eating in Moreda de Álava and nearby towns like Laguardia, Elciego, and Logroño. The restaurant is beautiful when it’s lit up at nighttime. The dishes are simple, but you’ll leave with a smile on your face.

comer alava restaurante tres tinas
Restaurante Tres Tinas
comer alava restaurante borja
Restaurante Borgia

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