Eating in Laudio-Llodio

Eating in Laudio-Llodio

Located in the Ayala Valley in northern Álava, the town of Laudio is an important center of industry and the second most populous city in the province, after the capital. The town’s cuisine characterized by seasonal products and traditional recipes is a good excuse for eating in Laudio. You’ll find yourself licking your fingers!

There’s a lot to eat in Laudio, a town whose gastronomic tradition represents the purest essence of Basque cuisine. Veal, goat, and pork are popular meats in Laudio, served roasted as well as grilled and often accompanied with typical Basque vegetables such as Gernika peppers.

In season, the surrounding area is rich in all kinds of mushrooms, especially perretxikos, a small variety of mushroom which is common in the area. Later in the year when the cold sets in, the town’s kitchens make typical wintertime stews such as the classic cocido alavés (Alavese stew), which is very popular when it comes to eating in Laudio.

During the San Blas Festival, Laudio’s gastronomic culture comes to life with a series of traditional events like the txarripatas (Biscay-style pig’s feet) contest. This can be the perfect occasion to discover firsthand the meaning of eating in Laudio, accompanying whatever you eat with a glass of Txakoli de Álava.

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When it comes to eating in Laudio, if pinchos are what you’re looking for, the town’s streets are home to a high concentration of pinchos bars including Lauri Barria. Here you’ll find a wide variety of pinchos in a meticulously-decorated setting. A couple pinchos that we recommend are the codfish with marmalade and the salmon with honey.

At Café Bar Azoka the pinchos are made very well. Eating in Laudio means partaking of this form of tapas. Assorted croquettes, piquillo peppers with anchovies…you won’t be able to pull yourself away from the pinchos bar. They also have cazuelitas (mini casseroles). We love this place!

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Bar Cafe Lauri Barria
comer en Llodio
Café Bar Azoka

The options for eating in Laudio are plenty, and high-quality at that. Toki On is a traditional Basque restaurant that specializes in grilled meat and roasted fish, always using fresh seasonal ingredients. They have an à la carte menu, prix fixe menu, and special deals for groups. The steak is one of their most popular dishes.

Another good place for eating in Laudio is Karrika, a restaurant with traditional décor with elements that give it a rural feel. Their classic cuisine features typical recipes from Álava’s cookbook, and they have a good selection of wines which especially showcases txakoli. Thanks to the spacious facilities, you’ll find it easy to get a table as well as to host special events. However, this is not one of the best places for eating in Laudio.

Situated on the outskirts of town, Palacio Anuncibai is a renowned restaurant with charm which serves quality cuisine characterized by a perfect union between more innovative options and the culinary tradition of Laudio. The facilities are well-equipped to accommodate weddings, communions, and all kinds of special occasions. They have good turbot.

Also on the outskirts, Balintxarreketa is one of the most acclaimed restaurants when it comes to eating in Laudio. Located in a historical mansion, their menu is made up of appetizing examples of traditional cuisine, prepared with class using fresh, quality products of local origin. They offer a daily prix fixe menu with an original selection of dishes. We strongly suggest that you order some of the octopus carpaccio!

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Restaurante Toki On
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Restaurante Karrika

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