Eating in Kexaa-Quejana

Eating in Kexaa-Quejana

In the province of Biscay, we find ourselves in Kexaa, a town that is famous for the ox festivals it used to hold. Eating in Kexaa is synonymous with quality meat, although fish also has a strong presence on the menus of the town’s restaurants. There are no pinchos bars in the town, but there are some in nearby towns.

Kexaa’s gastronomic selection is mainly based on excellent local products. Everything that there is to eat in Kexaa is closely linked to the gastronomic tradition of Álava, which has one of its focal points in grilled veal. Come hunting season, pork is used to make various embutidos (cured sausages) like chorizo and blood sausage, which are an important part of eating in Kexaa.

The forests in the surrounding area are rich in all kinds of mushrooms as well as snails, which are also very common when it comes to eating in Kexaa. Fish from the nearby northern coast is another main ingredient in many of the dishes made here. Those with a sweet tooth won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to try some local honey and marmalade, both of which are produced in line with the region’s strong eco-friendly mission. To finish up eating in Kexaa, you can have a classic Basque dessert: Idiazabal cheese with quince. To accompany your meal, there’s nothing better than a glass of Txakoli de Álava.

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In Amurrio (8 km away) you’ll find Bar Crucero where you can get some good ham pinchos. In Laudio (15 km away) you can go to Bar Café Lauri Barria, where pinchos are king in the afternoon.

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Bar Crucero
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Bar Cafe Lauri Barria

Even though there aren’t many places for eating in Kexaa, the establishments in the town and the surrounding area make up a solid, quality selection. Arcos de Quejana is a very popular restaurant in the area; their food is derived from the gastronomic tradition of Álava, prepared with good technique and authentic, quality ingredients of local origin. They also have the capability to host weddings, communions, and all kinds of similar events. The sirloin is one of their signature dishes.

Gazurtegi, in the small town of Maroño, is a restaurant that specializes in barbecue with an emphasis on meat and fish of local origin. They also serve a delicious mushroom scramble and homemade pastries.

Another similar restaurant is Ibarrondo, in Murga, which consists of two spacious dining rooms and offers a classic menu prepared with skill. They also have an appetizing pinchos bar and offer the possibility of hosting all kinds of special events on the premises. They have various menus and traditional dishes with a modern twist.

In Amurrio you can find Bideko restaurant, another place to keep in mind when it comes to eating in Kexaa and the surrounding area. This restaurant is located in a traditional mansion built in the 17th century which offers an appetizing and wide-ranging menu made up of recipes that merge the Basque tradition and contemporary innovation, all made with quality local products. They have rooms that are equipped to accommodate all kinds of events, whether they be personal or business-related.

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Restaurante Arcos de Quejana
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Restaurante Bideko

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