Eating in Luarca

Eating in Luarca

Parish of the council of Valdés, Luarca is a fishing harbor known for its white buildings. Here we will tell you which local dishes you should try and what are the best restaurants and bars of this small town. Between the specialties of Luarca the fish is the main one, cooked through different flavors thanks to the multiple recipes. You can eat tapas or a la carte in great bars and restaurants.

This coaster Asturian village has a great cuisine. As a good fishing harbor, you will find a huge variety of fish to eat in Luarca. Its cooking is famous thanks to the delicious fish and seafood calderetas and soups. Grilled hake, pixín (monkfish), cuttlefish and bonito are some of the protagonists. Between the seafood, the lobster, barnacles and the santiaguín are the tastier ones.

Apart from the fabada (beans with copango, cooked with chorizo and another pork byproducts), the Asturian pote is also popular (made with small fabes served with cabbage and another legumes). The region between Luarca and Vegadeo is where the biggest variety of this variety of Fabada Asturiana with I.G.P. is raised. The fabes with clam, fabes with sea urchin and fabes with calamari are some other options.

The inhabitants from Luarca celebrate a great variety of parties, where food has always a special place. During the Carnival, the locals offer the Menu del Antrozu y Turismo Luarca-Valdés, which periodically organizes the gastronomy journeys of the council.

chipirones luarca
plato luarca
guiso carne luarca

The restaurant Barómetro is a great place to share some portions with your friends. Their quality products, which some straight from the sea will delight you. Their anchovies are a perfect portion to eat with your hands as you have a cold drink.

On the other hand, El Cambaral is another place you will fall in love with. A tapa you will adore is the pincho de tortilla de patata (potato omelet) stuffed with chorizo a la sidra (cider). Juicy and tasty.

comer luarca restaurante cambaral
Restaurante El Cambaral
comer luarca restaurante barometro
Restaurante El Barómetro

This village is full of many great restaurants and bars where you will be able to enjoy a huge variety of tapas. The most enjoyable zone of Luarca is the harbour. The restaurant Villa Blanca makes traditional food, but know all of the current tendencies. Its owner, María del Carmen, belongs to the Club de Guisanderas (stews club). Politicians, singers, artists… have eaten here. They have a delicious hake salad and rice with clams.

The restaurant Barómetro is the perfect place to eat a lot. You will be able to order from a cachopo until calamari in its ink. With an economic daily menu, this is a great local to go with your family. As the main dish… the asparagus stuffed with sea urchin!

Do you want to eat seafood? In La Montañesa you will be offered a simple cuisine full of quality products, the fish barbecue is an excellent option.

comer luarca restaurante montanesa
Restaurante La Montañesa
comer luarca restaurante villa blanca
Restaurante Villa Blanca

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