Eating in La Mesa

Eating in La Mesa

La Mesa is a small Asturian village that belongs to the Grandas de Salime municipality. The Primitive Way to Santiago passes through it until lands from Galicia, where it arrives after the Acebo harbour. Eating in La Mesa will make you fall in love with the traditional gastronomy of Asturias, and some vital recommendations are the artisan embutidos (sausages) and the calf.

The geography, culture and economy of this little Asturian town are the main responsibles of the traditional cuisine of this place. The meat has a privileged place and the calf is one of the most frequent raw materials in the kitchens, even though the artisan embutidos such as chorizo, morcilla (blood sausage), botelo and lacón (shoulder ham) are also present. The kid and another meat specialties, such as the pork legs, are very frequent between everything there is to eat in La Mesa.

The gastronomy local culture has some mixtures between the traditions from Galicia and Asturias, so it is easy to find stews and soups that have recipes where the elements from both regions are present.

Regarding fish, the trout is the most popular, but another products such as the octopus and the conger ell are also very frequent fue to their good conservation and the proximity to the shore. The mantecadas are a great dessert, made in an artisan way with local natural products.

plato mesa
congrio mesa
oreja de cerdo

The small village of La Mesa doesn’t have places where you could eat tapas at. If you go to our page Eating in Grandas de Salime you will find some places to eat tapas in the capital of the council, not too far away from La Mesa.

Even though there is not a lot of places to eat in La Mesa and its surroundings, it is possible to find great quality places with an amazing traditional cooking.

In Berducedo (5 km away) there is the Casa Marqués, a restaurant that offers a menu composed by the specialties of the region, made with local products.

Casa Serafín, in Lago (9 km away), is another restaurant you should consider. This is a beautiful place that has a simple menu, and their dishes are made with great quality products. They also have a bar service.

If you want to eat in another villages close to La Mesa, you could drive to Grandas de Salime, the capital of the council and the place where most of the restaurants of the region are found.

comer mesa restaurante serafin
Restaurante Casa Serafín
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Restaurante Barducedo

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