Eating in Grandas de Salime

Eating in Grandas de Salime

Grandas de Salime is the last stop of the Primitive Way to Santiago before reaching lands from Galicia. This is why many restaurants have appeared in the region. If you want to know what to eat in Grandas de Salime, you should consider the delicous calf meat and the interesting gastronomy, influenced by the traditions from Galicia. You will find dime of our recommendations below.

Grandas de Salime is a place where the gastronomy is generally traditional, linked to the ancient recipes and prepared with local products. Here, the ranching is one of the most important aliment industries, as the origin of the great calf meat, the roasted cabrito (kid) and many artisan embutidos (sausages) such as the blood sausage, chorizo and botelo. The weather and the geography of these valleys propels a filling cuisine, with influences from the hills such as the classic fabada asturiana and many other soups and stews. The rivers are a souce of trout and salmon, that arrive up here from the sea by climbing the waters. The desssert tradition if to eat the famous Cheese of Oscos, made with cow’s milk and also popular in the surrounding villages. To finish your meal in Grandas de Salime, try a glass of homemade orujo, produced in many corners of these lands.

carne grandas salime
cabrito grandas salime
quesos oscos grandas salime

In order to eat tapas or portions in Grandas de Salime at an economic price, we recommend the Café Jaime, which has become the typical stop for the pilgrims from the Primitive Way to Santiago . You could also eat something in the counter of Occidente. Another option if the Bar Francisquín.

comer grandas salime bar jaime
Bar Jaime

It is possible to find great places to eat in Grandas de Salime. The hostel Occidente has a good restaurant where you can enjoy traditional food from their menu or in a less formal way, in their bar.

Another place you should consider when eating in Grandas de Salime is Fonda Arreigada, a place where the regional products are the key to cook unique and tasty dishes.

La Parrilla is a restaurant specialized in grilled meats, from the local cows to hunt meats.

Only a few kilometers away from Grandas de Salime and close to the Salime reservoir, Las Grandas is found. This is a good option to enjoy the local gastronomy, made with a good technique and using kilometer 0 products (the ones that have travelled less than 100km to reach your plate).

comer Grandas Salime restaurante fonda arreigada
Restaurante Fonda Arreigada
comer grandas salime restaurante parrilla
Restaurante La Parrilla

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