Eating in Covadonga

Eating in Covadonga

The beautiful village of Covadonga raises above the National Park from the Picos de Europa. This icon of the Reconquest of Spain will bring you many stories and tales from the times of Don Pelayo. And what about its gastronomy? It is delicious. Eating in Covadonga will make you fall in love, even more, with this city.

In the place where the king Don Pelayo began the Reconquest, Covadonga, one of the most important touristic spots of the Principado de Asturias is found. If you travel during September, you will be able to enjoy the most important traditional celebration of the village, the Fiesta de la Santina. The typical dishes you should eat in Covadonga are made with products of great quality, that come from the seas and the eart. Fish such as the salmon, the hake, the trout and the monkfish are the protagonists in the tables from Asturias (they all have I.G.P.). The cabritu (kid) and another meats such as the deer, the wild boar and the roe deer are also very popular. These are just some of the options you can try along with the wines of the region.

Cheese is also very important in the tradition from Asturias. Enjoy the flavor of their cider and visit the taberns of this village located in the National Park of the Picos de Europa. But don’t forget to leave some space for the dessert, as sweets are a mandatory product from this place. Try the casadielles: empanadas stuffed with walnuts and almonds and  covered with a bit of anise.

salmon covadonga
comer covadonga
sidra manzanas covadonga

There is not a place to only eat tapas in Covadonga, but we recommend you to stop at the Panera del Molino, where you will find delicious bocadillos (sandwiches) to renew your strenghts and continue with the visit.

comer covadonga panera molino
La Panera del Molino

You will find many restaurants where you can eat in Covadonga. Close to the basilica, the restaurant Arcea Gran Hotel Pelayo offers the most representative dishes of the Asturia’s tradition, adapted to the new gastronomy tendencies. The restaurant Hospedería del Peregrino, with a great capacity to celebrate events, has won many awards and has the fabada asturiana as its specialty.

At the Sidrería Covadonga you will find a menu with a good price and great quality. If you are visiting the lakes, chose to the Enol you will find the restaurant El Casín, where you will be able to enjoy some delicious food in an amazing environment, maybe even in their terrace.

comer covadonga hospederia peregrino
Hospedería el Peregrino
comer covadonga casin
El Casín

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