Eating in Castropol

Eating in Castropol

Castropol, a small village from Asturias, is located close to the shore of the tidal river Eo. This is the perfect plase to take a walk around its beautiful streets (this can take a whole half of the day). If you want to know what to eat in Castropol, give the seafood a chance. It will not disappoint you.

Even though it is really close to Galicia, this village maintaing the gastronomy tradition from the Principado de Asturias. Between the dishes of the place, the seafood and fish have a special place: the aguilollos, grilled chopa (black seabream) or the sea bass are some of the best ones.

Thanks to its location, this village combines traditional products from sea and earth, such as the fabes with clam and the herring or conger eel empanadas. You can’t leave Castropol without trying their specialty, the Eo oysters, which come from the Eo tidal river and are internationally commercialized. Those are some small dishes with a great flavor that the restaurants of the village serve. If you also want to know how their farming works, you can visit the tidal river, which has been recently declared a Biosphere Reserve.

The most famous desserts from Asturias are the rice pudding, the requesón, the flan (pudding) and the cereixolos (another name the frixuelos have). Don’t forget to try the typical drink of this region, the Sidra (cider) de Asturias, with D.O.P..

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Arroz Leche Castropol

If you want to eat tapas in Castropol, you will not have many options. But the few tapas places the city has are great. El Risón has a terrace with great views, where you can enjoy a little tapa and something to drink. Here you can also order a la carte, as it is a huge restaurant. Another option is Mesón La Santina, also with views to the tidal river Eo. The portions are generous and we recommend it if you are going to eat in Castropol with your family.

comer castropol rison
El Risón
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Mesón La Santina

Between the different restaurants where you can eat in Castropol, you will find Casa Vicente at the entrance of the village. It has views to the tidal river and here you will enjoy a great service.

The restaurant Risón is great for big events. Their food has a good wuality and the service is great. We recommend the caldereta de marisco (seafood). Delicious!

At the restaurant Peñalba, only 8 minutes away from the hotel that has the same name, you will find a traditional cuisine with new dishes and great desserts.

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Casa Vicente
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