Eating in Cangas de Onís

Eating in Cangas de Onís

Cangas de Onís was the first capital from the Kingdom stablished in the year 744. This location resisted agains the muslim invasion and has become a spot for hickers and tourists who love nature and extreme sports. Eating in Cangas de Onís is also an adventure, specially if you like cheese!

The capital of the old Kingdom of Asturias in wellknown for its culinary expertise which means that you will have to decide what to eat among a huge variety of options. The local products from the land such as the fabes or the beef are combined to offer delicous stews among which the fabes con almejes or the aribs of carne roxa stand out. Fish is also recognised at an international level and are offered during the Jornadas Gastronómicas del Pote Asturiano. Different restaurants participate and can add any ingredient without loosing the main idea of the Pote.

All these things can be acompanied by the local cheese with D.O. called Gamoneu (it has a soft taste and it is a bit spicy, delicous!) and by a little bit of Sidra de Asturias.

To give a sweet touch to the journey, try the famous ice-cream Peñasanta (a combination or merengue, sugar and almonds).


sidra cangas onis
salmon cangas
queso gamoneu

If you want to eat in Cangas de Onis you can go to the Sidrería el Ovetense. Servings are big and its quality stands out when compared to the competitors. We recommend the croquetas with a bottle of sidra.

Another good option is the restaurant El Polesu. An ideal place to order tapas and raciones. Food is homade and we can tell that everything is delicious!

Last but not least, the Sidrería La Caldera offers you the chance to try every single typical local dish that are served in huge portions and at a cheap price.


comer cangas onis sidreria polesu
El Polesu
comer cangas onis sidreria caldera
Sidrería La Caldera

There are many advisable places where to eat in Cangas de Onís.

In the Molin de la Pedrera you will find excellent food and a perfect service.

In the Cenador de los Canónigos they offer creative cuisine based on products from Asturias. It has stunning views to the Picos de Europa, Cangas de Onís and the Sella river.

In Arriondas there is the Corral del Indianu, it has a Michelin Star and his chef, Jose Antonio Campoviejo always picks ecologic products and plays with traditional tastes and modern techniques…


comer cangas onis molin pedrera
El Molin de la Pedrera
comer cangas onis cenador canonigos
El Cenador de los Canónigos

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