Eating in Borja

Eating in Borja

Borja keeps lots of turistic attractions among which, gastronomy is very well placed. The things that you must try when eating in Borja are based on the traditional recipes that have been renovated along as time passed by.

In the local restaurants for eating in Borja it is possible to find dishes such as roasted ternasco, grilled meat, game stews, migas, embutidos and salads. There is a recipe which is only typical from Borja and that is not so famous nowadays and is called the zarracatralla. It is made of birds, snails and crabs along with vegetables.

Borja is the centre of the D.O Campo de Borja that is characterised for elaborationg high quality wines recognised all over the world. The guru from the United States, Robet Parker, said that one of these wines was “probably the best red wine in the world due to its price-quality ratio. An extraordinary wine”. Last but not least, Borja is also a city with a very good tapa culture and the streets around the townhall are allways full of people enjoying them. The fair in honour to the Virgin of the Peana (Virgen de la Peana) is a great occasion to discover its gastronomy.

Tapas are a great option for eating in Borja thanks to the excellent offer of some bars and restaurants.A very good idea is going to El Buen Humor where you will find a very diverse offer of tapas with local flavours such as: filled in peper, cod, artrichokes… Also easy and delicious, going to Rolde is a great option because the terrace is very charming and they offer tapas, sandwhiches, etc.

Dónde comer en Borja
Bar El Buen Humor
Dónde comer en Borja
Bar Rolde

When eating in Borja, the restaurants of the locality offer a wide variety of options among which we will stand out the best. La Bóveda del Mercado is one of their main establishments. It is located inside an old winery and its cuisine is very traditional, elaborates with local products and with soft touches of innovation.

The restaurant of the hotel Los Jardines del Plaza is located in the outskirts of the town and it is another place to take into consideration when eating in Borja. Its menu combines tradition and modernity playing with products and tastes of the area.

Gabás is a modest restaurant that elaborates good homemade traditional food (as if it was your mum’s food) and that offers a great quality – price ratio.

Last place for eating in Borja is Las ruedas. A restaurant specialised in grilled meat and other local products such as fresh fish. The restaurant is very big so it can be a good option if you want to celebrate a graduation, wedding or any other event.

Dónde comer en Borja
Restaurante La Bóveda del Mercado
Dónde comer en Borja
Restaurante Los Jardines del Plaza

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