Eating in Belchite

Eating in Belchite

The Old Town of Belchite is one of the abandomned nucleous of Spain. It was the sceneries of a dramatic siege of which there is a shocking archaelogical field to wich paranormal phenomenons are associated. Do you know the best places for eating in Belchite?

The locality of Zaragoza, Belchite is famous for its ruins in the Old Town, it has a priviledged gastronomy where different quality products stand out. Among them the olive oil from the Bajo Aragón with D.O is all of a referent for eating in Belchite. The soil of the locality is very appropriate for growing olive trees. The wineries are very useful for producing local wine at the locality called Lécera. The weather is cold and dry and helps producing excellent hams and embutidos. The lamb is another meat pillar for the locals and can be consumed fried or roasted in Belchite. Other culinary specialties are the migas, the game stews and the thistle with almonds sauce. Confectionery stands out for its harinosas and the torta de estrella.

If you want some tapas for eating in Belchite, the locality offers a good offer of them such as the bar Ernesto or the tavern Night Train which is also a cocktail bar with live music.

comer belchite bar ernesto
Bar Ernesto
comer belchite taberna night train
Taberna Night Train

Despite there are numerous places for eating in Belchite. The restaurant El Gavilán elaborates homemade dishes which products are all local and the base of its menu are grilled meats and other traditional recipes.

Nuestra Señora del Pueyo is a traditional restaurant that also has got a bar with tapas.

Another place to eat in Belchite is the restaurant La Lomaza located in the centre of the locality and offers local recipes that follow the tradition.

comer belchite restaurante gavilan
Restaurante El Gavilán
comer belchite restaurante lomaza
Restaurante La Lomaza

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