Eating in Calatayud

Eating in Calatayud

The second city of the province is an important moumental nucleous that was the favorite of the King Fernando el Católico. There is a lot to see in Calatayud, where you can spend a weekend full of walks and visits. The best will be to make a stop and discover how eating in Calatayud can be.

Calatayud’s kitchens have a lot of history and richness and they are one of the most famous ones of the whole Zaragoza province. To discover what is the bes for eating in Calatayud, it is necessary to know that the orchards are very well known for the quality of its products (that have been condecorated with a C of Calidad – Quality).

Its most representative vegetable is the borraja which can be prepared with olive oil or with potatoes. It is also very typical to prepare ternasco and migas de pastora. They also elaborate embutidos and other dishes with pork meat. It is very famous as well for its wines that are produced in the are and that have the D.O Calatayud. In Calatayud was the first place in Europe that prepared chocolate and it is very well known for its famous confectionery such as the: soletilla cakes, Aragon fruits and the adoquines.

Eating in Calatayud some tapas is possible thanks to the activity of many good establishments. Some of the most famous are: Lugano, Sevilla, Café Central or the brewry Baviera.

comer calatayud bar lugano
Bar Lugano
comer calatayud bar sevilla
Bar Sevilla

There are many options for eating in Calatayud. Bilbilis is a stablishment of long professional trayectory that has a very good menu elaborated with high quality products.

The restaurant Puerta de Terrer is another place to take into consideration when eating in Calatayud; located in a winery, there is a big selection of wines and grilled meat and fish.

In Casa Escartin they elaborate seasonal products that are fresh and local. It also offers a wide variety of seafood and wines.

The Mesón la Dolores is a classic place to go for eating in Calatayud. It is famous fir its homemade food and the quality of the products. Perfect to organise events!

comer calatayud restaurante bilbilis
Restaurante Bilbilis
comer calatayud restaurante puerta terrer
Restaurante Puerta de Terrer

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