Eating in Anento

Eating in Anento

Anento is a small town from Zaragoza that is strongly determined by the will of its neighbours to make it be an important cultural centre of nature and turism. As cozy and quiet as interestig, it has some of the most stricking attractions of Aragón. Do you want to know the best places for eating in Anento?

The gastronomy of Anento is strongly linked to the tradition of its environment. The agriculture has been one of the pillars of its economy along with the cereals and vegetables. Among the plantations that are more common in the locality we find nuts (almonds and walnuts) and cherries. The cultivation of cereals is also very common and is mainly used to make bread. During the festivity of Saint Blas and Santa Águeda  in february it is the tradition to make bread in the wood oven. Focusing on meat, the town stands out for its embutidos produced after the matanza: fardeles for example. There is also honey elaborated in the town and flavored with plants.

The locality of Anento is small which means that the hostelry services are quite rare, specially if we are looking for bars. We suggest to check our A la Carte section.

Even if there are not many stablishments for eating in Anento, the locality offers a complete service in the restaurant El Horno, a very nice place that elaborates homemade creations with local quality products. There is a very bing dinning room in the upper floor and a terrace where you can also try different tapas and raciones.

Nearby Anento, in Burbáguena, there is the Molino de Burbáguena, a hotel with a restaurant that offers a creative menu based on local products.

Calamocha is anonther toen where there are restaurants such as Carlos Arguiñano or Mariano both specialised in traditional food.


comer anento restaurante molino burbaguena
Restaurante El Molino de Burbáguena

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