Eating in Teruel

Eating in Teruel

The capital of Teruel is a quiet monumental city that has one of the most important and biggest concentrations of mudéjar art in Spain. Part of it has been considered World Heritage by the UNESCO. Do you want to know the best places for eating in Teruel?

There is a lot to eat in Teruel, a city which gastronomy is a very precious good for the community of Aragón. Its weather and its livestock tradition are the responsibles of a very simple, homemade and quality cuisine. Several products such as the meat, embutidos, vegetables and sweets enjoy a well deserved national reputation. The Jamón de Teruel D.O. is one of the most famous products from the city. Regarding meat it is necessary to highlight the famous ternasco from Aragón, game meat such as deer and wild pig. Some typical recipes for eating in Teruel are the migas, the garlic soup, gachas, caldereta de pastor, trout with ham, cod with tomato, borage with almond sauce and the white beans with quail among others. Obviously there are more products such as truffles, mushrooms and cheeses and the famous olive oil from the Bajo Aragón with DOP. But as something typical only from Teruel there is the regañaos, suspiros, artisanal turrones and the tortas of nuts. To end up eating in Teruel do not forget to try the delicious fruit from the area such as the Melocotón de Calanda I.G.P

jamo teruel

Tapas are a great option for eating in Teruela city with plenty of bars specialised in mini cuisine. Some of the most recommendable ones are Gregory where you will find tapas and generous raciones where there is quality ham and calamari. Another good place is La Barrica where you  should eat its delicious tapas and oxtail. Pura Cepa is a place where all its creations are modern and beautifully presented.

comer teruel bar gregory
Bar Gregory
comer teruel bar barrica
Bar La Barrica
comer teruel bar pura cepa
Bar Pura Cepa

There are numeorus options for eating in Teruel, a city famous for its good food. Yain is a restaurant that is very famous in the locality. Its cuisine is based on autochthonous products and other pillars such as cod fish. It also stands out for being one of the places with more wine experience and knowledge of the city.

In the reataurant La menta you will be able to enjoy its modern and innovative cuisine but the essence of the region remains present. Everydish is elaborated with quality products.

The restaurant La Tierreta elaborates good food with contemporaty looks and traditional essence. It also has a diverse tapa menu and a degustation menu during the weekends.

The restaurant Mesón del Óvalo is a classic for eating in Teruel. The restaurant has a lot of history and it uses local products of the highest quality to give place to delicious dishes. It also offers lots of tapas and raciones.

Rufino is a modern and cozy restaurant that changes its menu depending on the seasonal products that it receives.

In the city you can also find different restaurants that are preared to celebrate weddings and other similar events such as El Milagro and Masía Villa Felisa (an old countryhouse located in the middle of a huge garden).

comer teruel meson ovalo
Mesón del Óvalo
comer teruel restaurante menta
Restaurante La Menta
comer teruel restaurante tierreta
Restaurante Tierreta

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