Eating in Pitarque

Eating in Pitarque

What and where to eat in Pitarque. Discover the best recipes and gastronomic festivals and choose the restaurants and bars that you like the most!

The things for eating in Pitarque are based in a simple cuisine that is developed thanks to old recipes that are transmited from generation to generation. Here, the base of every creation are the products from the land. With them, the locals elaborate different game stews with rabbit and pickled partridge, roasted ternasco, migas de pastor, embutidos and pork preserves. Another element that is very present in Pitarque is the jamón de Teruel D.O.P, it is one of the best products from the province. In addition, as it is in the middle of  the region of the Maestrazgo, Pitarque benefits from all the excellent creations. The confectionery of the place is also excellent and you can try its Pelotas de Carnaval or the Tronchón Cheese that even Don Quijote tried during his adventures.


There are not many places for eating in Pitarque but if you want to eat some tapas, the best option is to go to the Fonda de Pitarque. It is a restaurant but it is also possible to eat tapas and raciones or sandwiches.

comer pitarque fonda
La Fonda de Pitarque

There are not many places for eating in Pitarque, a small locality with less than 100 inhabitants that, however, has some bars and restaurants. La Fonda de Pitarque is the main place of the locality for eating. It is located in the middle of the place and its cuisine is abolutly traditional and all the dishes are elaborated with local products.

Nearby, in Villarluengo, there is the restaurant Torre Montesanto and it is specialised in homemade food and has a different menus for the clients.

Next to this one, the restaurant Hostal de la Trucha is another option to take into consideration for eating in Pitarque and its surroundings.

comer pitarque restaurante hostal trucha
Restaurante Hostal de La Trucha
comer pitarque restaurante torre montesano
Restaurante Torre Montesanto

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