Eating in Calomarde

Eating in Calomarde

There are many options for eating at Calomarde, it is a small locality that belongs to the Sierra de Albarracín. Its cuisine reflects the gastronomy of its surrondings and is based on the game meat and the cattle raising and agriculture.

In general it is based on a cuisine which is very simmilar to Albarracín, town located 20 km away and the Jamón de Teruel D.O.P is its star product.

Hunting is a very important source of food for the whole region and it allows us to try the roasted ternascorabbit confit, braised deer, and wild pig. Also some trouts from the Guadalaviar river and the Teruel Ham D.O.P. along with the wide variety of embutidos. The local orchards provide of thistles and borages that are usually prepared with almonds sauce. In addition, the gastronomic offer is completed with other traditional creations such as the migas del pastor and pourridge. The forests of Calomarde are also a very good place to recollect different mushrooms of all kinds during Autumn.

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Despite there aren’t many places for eating in Calomarde but the ones that exist are really good. But visit our section A la Carte to discover them.

Nearby Tramacastilla there is the hostel El Batán and its restaurant is one of the most prestigious for eating in Calomarde and its surrondings. It has even been awarded with a Michelin Star. Its creations are very innovative and is based in the classic proposals that are presented in a very contemporary way. It has a very long menu and a degustations menu that follows a theme.

La Sabina is also a very good place for eating as it is a rural hospedery that has a restaurant where a traditional cuisine is elaborated with seasonal fresh products.

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Restaurante Tramacastilla
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Tasca Restaurante La Sabina


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