Eating in Calanda

Eating in Calanda

Calanda is a location full of singularities. It is not only the place of birth of the actor Luis Buñuel and the holder of one of the most interesting Easters in Aragón but also it is full of excellent places for eating in Calanda.

Eating in Calanda is characterised by the existence of diverse elements of its own that are combined to the traditional turolense kitchen such as the game stews, the roasted ternasco, the grilled snails or the pickled partridge. Its main product is the peach: Melocotón de Calanda I.G.P. This fruit is characterised by being packaged by hand from the tree so it growns and ripens without plagues and predators harming it. As a consequence the pieces are very big, sweet, with a unique smell and a nice colour. Another typical product from Calanda are the olives, both the green and black with which the olive oil from the Bajo Aragón and some patés are elaborated.

Of course, for eating in Calanda you must try the jamón de Teruel D.O.P. It will be a delicious experience for the senses. Regarding sweets you can taste the tortas del alma, roscones de anís and the mostachones (flour cookies with oil, eggs and sugar)

caracoles tomate
jamon bellota calanda
comer calanda espana fascinante

Tapas are a good option for eating in Calanda. Among the establishments that are focused on it we want to stand out La Bellota in the square Plaza España. It is a simple bar where locals and visitors get mixed to enjoy the vermú.

comer calanda restaurante bellota
Restaurante La Bellota
comer clanda restaurante bellota
Restaurante La Bellota

The options for eating in Calanda are very varied and of high quality. The restaurant Balfagón is located in the hotel of the same name. Its cuisine is based on the traditional products from the area and follows the traditional without loosing the new ways of elaboration. It has a bar with lots of pinchos a tapas that are elaborated with products from the area.

The restaurant Almendro’s offers a proposal that it very striking as the local dishes are elaborated by mixing them with other touches from different cultures. It is all presented in an attractive and modern way.

comer calanda Testaurante Alejandros
Testaurante Alejandro's
comer calanda restaurante balfagin
Restaurante Balfagón


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