Eating in Sallent de Gállego

Eating in Sallent de Gállego

Sallent de Gállego is one of the most charming towns of the Tena Valley. A very attractive place where patrimony, art, culture, nature and sport get mixed. Sallent de Gállego’s gastronomy will make eating such a pleasure that you’ll want to come back!

The things for eating in Sallent de Gállego are very linked to the orography of the place. Hunting, fishing and cattle raising are the main sources of supply for the patries. Bovine meat along with baby lamb meat are the most valued ones and most of the restaurants include them in the menus. Other meats such as the wild pig or the deer are also very frequent when eating in Sallent de Gállego. In winter, along with the matancía of the pig, different preserves are elaborated along with embutidos such as sausages, chorizo, morcilla or tortetas.

The rivers Aguaslimpias and Gállego are a constant source of trouts that are usually prepared in the oven, roasted or fried. The different stews that are cooked in Sallent de Gállego are seasoned with mushrooms from the area. Not to forget the importance of cheeses (cow and sheep milk) that are produced in the surroundings (both in Spain and France)

If you want to eat some tapas in Sallent de Gállego, you will find many places that offer them. Willy is very recommendable as its tapas and raciones are very generous, delicous and at a good price. Food is basic and simple ut everything is homemade and it lets you enjoy traditional flavours. We recommend ordering meatballs and the Spanish omelette.

Casa Martón is one of the most popular restaurants in Sallent de Gállego specially thanks to its quality cuisine specialised in different classic recipes from the Tena valley. It is very good for eating tapas.

Comer Sallent Gallego bar willy
Bar Willy
Comer Sallent Gallego bar casa marton
Bar Casa Martón

There are numerous options for eating in Sallent de Gállego . First  of all, Garmo Blanco  has a very good room that is both a dinning room and a balcony that lets you see the panoramic of the main square. The menu is very attractive and you can taste local homemade dishes that follow the valley tradition.

Another option that we suggest trying for eating in Sallent de Gállego is Casa Jaimico. A grill restaurant specialised in meats and fishes.

Casa Socotor is also a good place to go for eating in Sallent de Gállego . Its menu is always determined by the season and the dishes include seasonal products of the highest quality.

Another place to go is Vidocq in Formigal, a young place that prepares creative dishes and where tradition and modernity join their hands perfectly.

Comer Sallent Gallego restaurante garmo blanco
Restaurante Garmo Blanco
Comer Sallent Gallego asador casa jaimico
Asador Casa Jaimico

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