Eating in Riglos

Eating in Riglos

This locality belongs to the municipality of Las Peñas de Riglos where both fish and meat based dishes stand out. Eating in Riglos also offers you sweet options ans quality wines.

The locality of Riglos presents a culinary tradition that remains loyal to the classical recipe book of the area. They prepare ajoarriero and garlic soups using the old method. There is a lot for eating in Riglos starting by game meat stews to grilled ternasco and pork products such as longaniza (sausage) or tortetas.

The rivers from the proximities provide trouts that are cooked with ham and with the roasted lamb they prepare chiretas. Also from the local orchards they obtain pumpkins, escarole, chard, etc.

bacalao ajoarriero riglos
Dónde comer en Daroca
chiretas riglos

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There are only a few places where to eat in Riglos. In El Puro you will find traditional food and a pleasant service.

In Murillo de Gállego, the restaurant Kedos is another place to take into consideration for eating in Riglos. It has a great capacity for groups and events and it is located at a beautiful natural spot.

Reino de los Mallos, also located in Murillo de Gállego, is a winery-resturant where wine gets a lot of protagonism. It has different menus, some of them adapted for groups.

comer riglos bar puro
Bar El Puro
comer riglos restaurante kedos
Restaurante Kedos

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