Eating in Jaca

Eating in Jaca

Eating in Jaca gives you the chance to taste delicious beef and lamb meat wich are perfect for any time of the year. In addition, you will find lots of bars and restaurants.

Jaca is one of the cities with the highest gastronomic potential of the Pyrenee. As happens with most of the places from the North of Aragón, lamb, pork and beef meat combined with products from the orchards are the base of the local cuisine. The most traditional dishes get mixed with new techniques and helps the cuisine evolve as time passes by without loosing its essence.

Jaca is also a great place to “tapear“. Many bars from the city center have distinguished from wach other by offering quality small pinchos or new original tapas served also in raciones. There is even a Tapas and Cazuelitas Challenge that is celebrated every year.

asado jaca
plato jaca
asado jaca

Tapas are a great option for eating in Jaca, a city that has places such as Tasca de Ana (a classic) and Jaizkibel (a place with a huge variety of options)

It is also recommendable to go to other places such as Marboré, with a great variety of Pinchos or Casa Fau with lots of pinchos as well.

comer jaca tasca ana
La Tasca de Ana

There are numerous options for eating in Jaca. The restaurant La Cocina Aragonesa is a interesting proposal of contemporary but traditional essence. It is located in the Hotel Conde Aznar and its cuisine is full of local products of the highest quality.

Biarritz is another restaurant that is recommendable for eating in Jaca. It has two floors and a great summer terrace. It is specialised in grilled meats and other classic recipes from Aragón.

Nearby, Lilium is a gastronomic proposal very innovative that has different menus and a quality service.

The kitchen from El Portón in one of the best. It is full of creativity and innovation but based on the traditional recipes from the city.

The restaurant La Cadillera is specialised in the cuisine typical from the Pyrenees and is absolutly homemade. There is a great variety of cheeses.

comer jaca restaurante cocina aragonesa
Restaurante La Cocina Aragonesa
comer jaca restaurante biarritz
Restaurante Biarritz

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