Eating in Huesca

Eating in Huesca

Province capital that stands out for its gastronomy full of quality products and elaborated recipes. If you love sweets, eating in Huesca gives you the chance to try delicious creations such as the Glories from Huesca.

There is a lot to eat in Huesca, a city which gastronomy enjoys of a very well deserved reputation in Aragón. From the most traditional cuisine, to the most innovative proposals, the restaurants of Huesca have very attractive recipe books that are based in pillars such as hunting, fishing, livestocks and local orchards. The most used meats are from birds and bovine and sheep cattle. With them, delicious dishes are prepared: ternasco asado, pollo al chilindrón… Among the fishes, trouts from the rivers nearby.

Other typical dishes are the migas a la pastora, sopas de ajo, chiretas and other kind of embutidos such as the longaniza or the torteta. Huesca is a confectionery city. There are many sweet recipes such as the trenza de Almudevar, the glorias de Huesca, the pastel ruso and the castañas de mazapán.

asado huesca
reposteria huesca
bacalao ajoarriero riglos

The “tapeo” is a very extended habit for eating in huesca. Tatau Bistro, awarded with a Michelin Star, is one of the main places to eat tapas in Huesca.

Cocomelocomo is another place to take into consideration due to its innovative and high quality proposals. Same happens with Da Vinci which is more original and serves a delicious potato and tunna  ball.

comer huesca tatau bistro
Tatau Bistro
comer huesca comomelocomo

There are numerous options for eating in Huesca, a city with a high gastronomic quality. The restaurant Las Torres is the winner of a Michelin Star. Its menu is at the same time classic and contemporary and its menu is focused on quality products.

Lillas Pastia is also the winner of a Michelin Star, another recommendable place to eat in Huesca. The black truffle is one of the main angles from the restaurant.

The restaurant Flor is a historic place with history and a long trejectory. It prepared seasonal menus and has a cuisine where innovation and the use of modern techniques is really important.

El Origen is another restaurant that stands out in Huesca for its tradition and innovation mixture.

comer huesca restaurante torres
Restaurante Las Torres
comer huesca restaurante lillas pastia
Restaurante Lillas Pastia

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