Eating in Hecho

Eating in Hecho

Eating in hecho gives you the chance to try land products, sausages and quality mushrooms. The recipes are elaborated with local organic products so the result is stunning.

There are many things to eat in Hecho, a picturesque locality of Aragón in which its tradition remain visible in the popular architecture, own language and local cuisine. As happens in other towns from Aragón with the same characteristics. The gastronomy is extremelly influenced by the geography and lifestyle of Hecho. Meat usually comes from the local livestocks and from hunting: beef, lamb, wild pig, deer and quail.

In January, after the matanza, lots of embutidos are prepared: morcillas, tortetas and sausages and they will be eaten all year long. Autumn is season for mushrooms which are very present all over the valley.

carne hecho
carne caza andujar
longaniza bunol
To eat at Hecho, tapas are also a viable option. The locality counts on several specialized bars like the Danubio. In Danubio you can taste delicious cakes and portions to share.
comer hecho cafeteria danubio
Cafetería Danubio

The options to eat in Hecho are strogly linked to the land, its products and its character. Canteré is one of the better known restaurants in the valley and its culinary proposal is based on high quality ingredients. It organises thematic journeys.

Another recommendable restaurant for eating in Hecho is Gaby. It also offers a seasonal menu full of local recipes and traditional dishes.

In the outskirts of the city, in the road to the Oza Forest, we find Borda Bisaltico, a restaurant with local essence that prepares traditional dishes in such a privileged natural environment.

comer hecho restaurante cantere
Restaurante Canteré
comer hecho restaurante gaby
Restaurante Gaby

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