Eating in Cerler

Eating in Cerler

The winter ski resort of Cerler was inaugurated in 1970. It is a sports centre located in Cerler that belongs to Benasque. It is one of ski resorts of Spain that has the highest and most uneven slopes. Eating in Cerler gives you the chance to try huge servings of delicious food.

Cerler is a small locality that has a gastronomic tradition influenced by the Pyrenees valley of Aragón. Game and livestock are the pillars of everything you will eat in Cerler. As a consequence, wild pig stews, grilled beef, lamb ribs and roasted ternasco are the most popular dishes of the town.

Regarging fish, the most typical one is the trout that can be found in the rivers. Mushrooms and cheeses (goat, cow and sheep) are very common in every table. To end up eating in Cerler means trying the crespillos (a local sweet).

In la Cabana you can order delicious sandwichs and pizzas along with platos combinados.

comer cerler restaurante cabana
Restaurante La Cabana

Mostly every restaurant in Cerler offer dishes that are influenced by the mountains’ cuisine. The Brasería El Rincón is very rustic and allows you to enjoy a menu based on classic recipes from the region La ribagorza.

The restaurant La Picada is another popular place to eat in Cerler due to its quality service and its excellent cuisine.

La Borda del Mastín is a classic and charming restaurant that offers to every client a menu based on local specialties (full of grilled meat and stews).

comer cerler braseria rincon
Brasería El Rincón
comer cerler restaurante picada
Restaurante La Picada

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