Eating in Candanchú

Eating in Candanchú

Among the main services of Candanchú we can stand out squi schools, renting and reparing stores of sports material, snowmobile, snowshoes and sledges. At the foot of the slopes there is a huge urbanisation where you can find all kind of services. It is perfect for eating in Candanchú!

The popular gastronomy of the valley of Aragón influences the food of Candanchú. Local birds, vegetables and meats are part of the cuisine. Lamb and beef are the most consumed meats in Candanchú.

In winter during the matanza houses and restaurants fill in their pantries with chorizos, longanizas, tortetas and ribs that are prepared in preserves.

Durinf Autumn, mushrooms and fungi become a precious good that can be consumed alone or as a condiment of many delicious recipes. Cow and sheep cheese along with paté that come from France are also key in Candanchú.

cordero cansanchu
chorizo cansanchu
pate barcena mayor

There are no proper restaurants to eat tapas in Candanchú so we recommend checking the A la Carte section!

It is possible to find good places for eating in Candanchú. Apart from the restauration services that the resort offers, there are other private restaurants. La Chimenea is a place to try local quality regional food.

In Estanés they are specialied in meats traditionally prepared (usually grilled) and they have a huge variety of combines dishes (patos combinados), sandwiches and other informal products.

Inside the Tobazo hotel, Pikoteo is a rustic restaurant that offers daily menus based on mountain recipes and complemented by mediterranean food. It a great place to go for a drink and enjoy its après-ski atmosphere.

In Casa Lola you will find tradition mixed with international cuisine in every single dish.

comer candanchu restaurante pikoteo
Restaurante Pikoteo
comer candanchu restaurante casa lola
Restaurante Casa Lola

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