Eating in Ansó

Eating in Ansó

Anso is a locality with a very varied gastronomy of high quality and healthy. Eating in Anso gives you the chance to try amazing dishes in the restaurants of the municipality. 

Despite its small size, there is a lot to eat in Ansó, capital of the Ansó valley and one of the most beautiful spots of the Pyrenee. It preserves its traditional essence and remais a quite place away from the crowds and the big cities’ hustle and bustle. This link to nature clearly conditionates its cuisine which is as organic and real as possible. The flagship dishes are those who come from the local cattle raising such as the ternasco asado and the grilled meats. Anyway it is also possible to find longanizas, tortetas, lomos and ribs elaborated after the matanza for its immediate consumption or in preserves.

Hunting is another basic part of the area and wild pigs are very present in the local cuisine as well as the migas that are served in bars and restaurants of the area. Not to forget cheeses and mushrooms that give you the chance to enjoy new flavours and textures.

The festivity of the Exaltación del Traje Ansotano is a great occasion to discover the city.

asado anso
chorizo anso
queso aragones

If you like cheese, in the bar Zuriza you can order a drink and they will give you a cheese tapa. As well, you should try their delicious cheesecake!

In the bar O Cubila you can try Pinchos, tapas and tasty raciones such as salads and gulas.

comer anso bar zuriza
Bar Zuriza
comer anso bar cubila
Bar O Cubila

The options for eating in Ansó are linked to the land and to the isolation personality of the Pyrenees and its farmer tradition. The restaurant Kimboa is a good example of traditional kitchen with seasonal products and other specialties such as grilled meats.

In the outskirts of the municipality there are several places that are an alternative of where to eat in Ansó. The most famous are Arracona and Chiquín: in both it is easy to find a traditional offer.

comer anso restaurante kimba
Restaurante Kimboa
comer anso restaurante chiquin
Restaurante Chiquín

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