Eating in Roda de Isábena

Eating in Roda de Isábena

This locality belongs to Isábena and it has a very good gastronomy. If you like mushrooms, embutidos and game meat, eating in Roda de Isábena will be the perfect option. You can try anything you want!

The small Roda de Isábena has one of the most romantic and attractive cathedrals. Its visit should be completed by the local gastronomy based on the traditional recipes of the region Ribagorza. To get to know what is the best thing to eat in Roda de Isábena you must first be aware of the fact that everything is based on its surroundings.

From the meat of the local livestocks different dishes such as the ternasco asado, chiretas, embutidos and the cow ribs are prepared.

From game meat different stews are prepared during winter. In addition, as happens in other places of Aragon, restaurants also use cod to prepare the ajoarriero and also migas del pastor. Mushrooms (specially black truffle) comming from the valley are used to elaborate very good dishes all along the year.



plato Roda Isabena
chuleton segura
migas segura sierra

In Casa Custodio, La Puebla de Ronda (4 km away) you will find delicious tapas and sandwiches. It is perfect to enjoy homemade simple food at a nice restaurant.

Comer Roda Isabena casa custodio
Casa Custodio

Even if there are not many places where to eat in Roda de Isábena, the locality has a very good offer to take into account. The restaurant of the Hospedería de Roda de Isábena is located inside the old refectory of the cathedral so the environment is different and beautiful. It offers a menu based on specialties from Aragón with many grilled meat dishes and game products.

In the town La Puebla de Roda we can go to the restaurant La bodega de Vidal, a place where they prepare good dishes with local products. If you wish to celebrate something here they offer rooms for it.

Comer Roda Isabena restaurante hospederia
Restaurante de la Hospedería de Roda de Isábena
Restaurante La Bodega de Vidal
Restaurante La Bodega de Vidal

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