Eating in Mijas Beach

Eating in Mijas Beach

The town of Mijas has an extensive coastal stretch of about 12 kilometers arranged around La Cala, the main nucleus around which are concentrated a large number of developments such as Calahonda, El Chaparral or El Faro, to name but a few. Do you want to know what to eat in Mijas Costa?

Eating in Mijas Costa is an experience strongly linked to the products extracted from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Fish is a very common product here, and some specialties such as fried fish or sardines are very widespread. In the locality they emphasize some traditional recipes, the great majority of them in the form of soups. Thus, some classic dishes such as salmorejo, gazpacho, fish soup or ajoblanco, coexist here with others such as maimón soup, a kind of hot tomato soup with bread, garlic and olives; or the cachorreñas soups, made with cod and bread. The mijeña pastry is rich in products derived from the Arab heritage of the place such as buñuelos or hornazo, very typical the latter to eat in Mijas during the Easter season. In addition, it is common to find other bakery or confectionery specialties such as bread cateto or almonds garrapiñadas.

gazpacho andaluz

If the chosen option to eat in Mijas Costa is the tapas, Tikus is one of the best rated bars of the Mijas coast thanks to an original proposal that has its roots in the gastronomic tradition of Malaga and Andalusia.

comer mijas costa bar tikus
Bar Tikus

There are many recommended places to eat in Mijas Costa. The Mandrake is an establishment that fuses the Mediterranean tradition with some recipes and techniques from Eastern Europe with attractive, imaginative and highly original results. Mesón Calahonda is another establishment to consider in Mijas Costa, which presents an attractive offer of traditional type marked by the presence of meat, fish and rice, always using fresh products of good quality.

Ruta 40 is a restaurant specialized in grilled meats that, following the dictates of contemporary Argentine cuisine, offers a varied and attractive menu to all its customers.

comer mijas costa restaurante ruta cuarenta
Restaurante Ruta 40
comer mijas costa restaurante mandragora
La Mandrágora
comer mijas costa meson calahorra
Mesón Calahonda

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