Eating in Marbella

Eating in Marbella

The capital of lufury, located at the Costa del Sol, hides in its stoves a perfect combination of innovation, diversity and tradition. Eating in Marbella will be a pleasure.

When it comes to discovering the best options for eating in Marbella, you will be able to find numerous international and avant-garde food bars, but besides this you will be able to enjoy the authentic flavor of Andalusian food. You can open your mouth tasting the typical Malaga gazpacho or the ajoblanco, a cold soup ideal to get into the southern gastronomy. You will also find first-class dishes in Marbella such as Malaga salad and soup. or a very hot Andalusian puchero for the winter. One of the specialties of Marbella is the fried fish very common in the restaurants of the municipality and made up of species that are common in the Malaga coast. It is very common to find delicious roasted sardines in restaurants in the area that will delight lovers of good fish. The anchovies in vinegar are a good accompaniment to any wine in the region or, if you prefer, some of the delicious tapas that you can enjoy in the bars of the town, if that is your preference to eat in Marbella. If after these delicious delicacies you want to delight yourself with something sweet, you can eat the typical desserts of this enclave such as borrachuelos, roscos de vino, oil cakes or churros.

boquerones vinagre
puchero agres

It is possible to eat some tapas in every single establishment of Marbella but we would like to stand out three: Sister’s, Lekune (you must try their pil pil cod) and La Polaca (where you will eat delicious croquettes). All of them will be a great choice due to their food and service.

comer matbella bar polaca
Bar La Polaca
comer marbella bar sisters
Bar Sister’s

The options for eating in Marbella are really numerous, varied and of high quality. The restaurant Dani García is the winner of two Michelin Stars and is a reference in the locality. Its cuisine is experimental and it is the result of combining some classic basis with more contemporary techniques.

Skina is another place to take into consideration when eating in Marbella: its cuisine has won a Michelin Star thanks to the innovative proposals over a mediterranean basis.

Located in one of the golf resorts of Marbella, the restaurant El Lago (also awarded with a Michelín Star) elaborates a elaborates an author cuisine based on first quality products.

Located in a first class holiday resort, the El Grill restaurant is a gastronomic proposal to take into account to eat in Marbella thanks to a menu that is renewed each season and puts a special emphasis on game products.

comer marbella restaurante dani garcia
Restaurante Dani García
comer marbella restaurante skina
Restaurante Skina
comer carne marbella restaurante lago
Restaurante El Lago

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