Eating in Antequera

Eating in Antequera

Located at a strategic crossroad, surrounded by mountains and olive trees and nearby the famous natural park of the Torcal, we find the Nasrid Fortress of Antequera. Visiting this beautiful locality can take two whole days so you will need to know what is the best option for eating in Antequera.

Located in the north of Málaga and in the region that bears its name, Antequera shows in its cuisine incomparable beauty. To start knowing the best options for eating in Antequera, you can try the typical dishes from Andalucía such as the ajoblanco, the migas and the gazpacho. Take the chance and accompaign these delicacies with a wineD.O Málaga and Sierras de Málaga. In addition, you will find the porra, a similar dish to the salmorejo and the pío antequerano which is elaborated with cod, onion, olives and boiled egg. In this spectacular land you will be able to enjoy the taste of the thistle salad. In the restaurants of the locality it is possible to discover delicious game stews such as the rabbit to the cortijera or goat, as well as dishes featuring fish, often pickled. There is no doubt that the main protagonist of the of the stoves will be the oil with D.O.P. Antequera that will be an essential part of many dishes of the municipality. This oil will be used in the molletes, a very famous bread from Antequera that can be accompaigned by chicharrones, embutido and foie among others. If this culinary variety is not enough for you, you must try the sweets from the area such as the bienmesabe, mantecados, torrijas and pestiños.

migas segura sierra

If you are looking for some tapas for eating in Antequera, the locality counts on many recommendable establishments such as A la Fuerza, very famous for its tunna or Arte de Tapas the bar from the restaurant Arte de Cozina.

comer antequera bar arte tapas
Bar Arte de Tapas
comer antequera bar fuerza
Bar A La Fuerza

The options for eating in Antequera are very varied. The restaurant Caserío de San Benito is an establishment specialised in mediterranean traditional cuisine and grilled meats of high quality. It also includes inside its facilities the Ethnographic Museum of Uses and Customs.

The restaurant Arte de Cozina is another place to take into consideration when eating in Antequera. Its cuisine is seasonal and is based in a cared interpretation of the culinary tradition from Malaga and Antequera.

Plaza de Toros is a place with a classic ambience located under the bleachers bullring of the town. Its cuisine is traditional but seasoned with modernity, both in the preparation of the dishes and in their final presentation.

In the Mesón La Bombonera they are specialists in meats and other grilled products (such as octopus) and it is a very popular destination.

In the city center we find the restaurant Mesón Ibérico Dehesa Las Hazuelas that offers in its different areas a cuisine based on the gastronomic tradition from Antequera. Elaborated with respect and using for it high quality ingredients.

comer antequera restaurante caserio san benito
Restaurante Caserío de San Benito
comer antequera restaurante arte cozina
Restaurante Arte de Cozina

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