Eating in Isla Cristina

Eating in Isla Cristina

The town of Isla Cistina is located at the western end of the Huelva coast and has several attractions of the size of its marshes, declared as a Natural Area, or its famous fish market, one of the strongest in Andalusia. This makes it a perfect destinations for fish lovers, eating in Isla Cristina some of the delicacies of its fish market will put the finishing touch to your visit.

Thanks to the role of its fishing port, one of the most important fresh catch in Spain, Isla Cristina has a cuisine strongly based on fish and shellfish. White prawns, prawns, crayfish, cuttlefish, mackerel, sole, tuna and many other marine species are the basic essence of all that you have to eat in Isla Cristina. Here, the recipes of yesteryear share fireplaces with modern culinary techniques to give shape to a tasty cuisine with a strong traditional essence.

At the time of eating in Isla Cristina, homemade stews and stews are common, made with local root products, among which the fish has a place of honor. The products of the orchard, as well as some meats and various kinds of sausages from the mountains, are also very well valued in a town that can boast a cuisine of remarkable quality endorsed by an excellent product and a very well valued hotel offer.

As for the desserts, it is possible to find specialties while eating in Isla Cristina such as coca, with clear Catalan inspiration, or other traditional examples of Huelva and Andalusian desserts.

cigalas isla cristina
potaje garbanzos

The best option to eat in Isla Cristina tapas in a casual-looking place, El Alcalde, a gastrobar that has a good cuisine specializing in both classic and contemporary dishes and has the option of tapas. Highly recommended.

comer isla cristina gastrobar alcalde
Gastrobar El Alcalde

The offer of places to eat in Isla Cristina is varied and of remarkable quality. Casa Rufino is a classic restaurant that maintains its original appearance and offers a cuisine with flavor and essence based on fish, seafood, rice and other local specialties.

On the outskirts of the town and on the seafront is La Gola, a chiringuito very well valued to eat in Isla Cristina thanks to the presence of a raw material of indigenous origin and quality contrasted with which all kinds of dishes are made attached to the islander cookbook.

Casa Manino offers a menu specializing in fresh seafood where it is also easy to find good fish, fried fish, rice dishes and an attractive range of meats to be cooked on the grill.

Another place to take into account to eat in Isla Cristina is La Boccana, an establishment with Andalusian and Italian roots that works on the local gastronomic tradition from a sophisticated and innovative point of view, but always respecting the tradition.

comer carne isla cristina casa marino
Casa Manino
comer isla cristina restaurante la gola
Restaurante La Gola
comer cigalas isla cristina casa rufino
Casa Rufino

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