Eating in Aracena

Eating in Aracena

Aracena, beautiful town of Huelva, is famous for the production of Iberian ham so, if you wonder the best options for eating in Aracena, you already have a clue. But this is not all … go ahead and discover much more!

This beautiful mountain town of Aracena, has a gastronomy of great variety and recognized excellence. Discover their unique Iberian products and visit the Feria del Jamón, where you can try the delicious Jamón de Huelva with D.O.P, an essential to know what to eat in Aracena. Enjoy the tapas and the entrees derived from the pork, from the loin to the cold meats, and accompany them with a good goat cheese, very typical of the area. As a good Andalusian locality, the gazpacho (both hot and cold) becomes one of the protagonists of good food, but the mycological specialties are the flags of this area; Tanas, gallipiernos, gurumelos, níscalos and tentullos are some of the varieties that you can taste in stew, roasted, scrambled or even in the form of croquettes. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy these local products in the mycological routes carried out in the area. In addition to these delicacies, you can not leave without trying the most classic pastry recipes: the poleás (similar to the porridge), the chestnut stew or the apple and quince compotes are some of the most acclaimed. Sprinkle everything you need to eat in Aracena with a good must, a cherry brandy or a tasty mushroom liqueur.

donde comer en baeza
donde comer en baeza
gazpacho andaluz
castanas aracena

Among the establishments for eating in Aracena de tapas, undoubtedly highlights the gastronomic proposal of Jesús Carrión that is divided between tapas and traditional mountain cuisine dishes, prepared with certain touches of innovation and always with good raw materials. The tapas are huge and the value for money excellent. Even bread is homemade!

comer aracena bar jesus carrion
Bar Jesús Carrión

There are numerous options where to eat in Aracena, the town that gives name to one of the most famous natural areas of Huelva. The Montecruz restaurant is a creative cuisine establishment made with first quality products from the Huelva mountainous area. Its facilities allow the celebration of banquets and all kinds of events.

The restaurant José Vicente is another classic when it comes to eating in Aracena thanks to a cuisine specializing in Iberian products and other local specialties.

Casas is a restaurant with a long history behind them and numerous recognitions towards a cuisine in which the Iberian pork meats occupy a special place.

Finally, to eat in Aracena you can go to El Postigo Inn where a classic cuisine based on the traditional recipes of the Sierra de Aracena and a fresh and quality raw material is made. The octopus with ham is deadly.

comer aracena restaurante montecruz
Restaurante Montecruz
comer carne aracena restaurante jose viecente
Restaurante José Vicente
comer aracena restaurante casas
Restaurante Casas

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