Eating in Baza

Eating in Baza

To the north of the province of Granada, in the geological contour of imposing steppes, is a town with an important Iberian and Muslim archaeological heritage. For having an extraordinary citadel, in 1489 the Catholic Monarchs carried out the most complex and famous siege of the Reconquista in Spain. Eating at Baza will put the finishing touch to your visit. If you want to know where … read on!

Nailed next to the Natural Park of the Sierra de Baza, the town of Baza gives you the opportunity to discover the incredible cuisine of the area. Enjoy the specialties of the earth, where products with D.O.P. Montes de Granada, the vegetables and the vegetables acquire a great prominence. To start knowing what to eat in Baza, you can order the well-known San Antón pot, made mainly with beans and mushrooms, or taste the succulent gurullos with partridge or hare. Walk this beautiful town and live close to its tapas, being able to taste magnificent sausages such as its unbeatable Iberian ham. Another of its specialties is the gurupina, a recipe based on desalted cod, dried peppers, some blood sausage and more vegetables that sometimes receives the name of “chorreabarbas” because of the smooth and warm texture that it reaches, until it drips. Put the finishing touch at the time of eating at Baza and sweeten your palate with the tasty honey D.O.P.

olla san anton baza
gurupina baza
plato tipico baza

If you want to eat in Baza de tapas in our recommendations we advocate for simple places where you put the interest in the quality of the food and not in other details such as decoration or the amplitude of the place, which after all are the least important. If you want to taste the authentic gastronomy ‘granaina’ in small doses, the most interesting tapas bars where to eat in Baza are El Cordobés and El Monas.

comer baza bar cordobes
Bar El Cordobés

There are numerous options where to eat in Baza. In the center of the town is the restaurant Los Cántaros, where you can enjoy a lavish menu in traditional Andalusian and Grenadian recipes made with good products from the area. On the outskirts of the town, in the restaurant La Parra, a traditional menu is offered, in which the pickled products appear as the main specialty. The restaurant Alamillos is another classic when it comes to lunch in Baza. With a letter that highlights the good relationship between quality and price, the establishment produces a good regional cuisine based on local products.

Las Conchas, on the other hand, is a hotel complex where the traditional cuisine of Granada, together with certain touches of innovation, appears as the main basis of its kitchens. It has gardens and great capacity, so in addition to being a place where it is possible to find a table with ease, it is also appropriate to celebrate all kinds of events.

If what you want to eat in Baza is always fresh fish and seafood of the best quality, the restaurant La Curva is easy to find.

comer baza cantaros
Alamillos Los Cántaros
comer baza restaurante alamillos
Restaurante Alamillos
comer baza restaurante conchas
Restaurante Las Conchas

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