Eating in Almuñécar

Eating in Almuñécar

The capital of the Costa Tropical is surrounded by beautiful and unique landscapes sown with Roman and Nasrid vestiges. In his castle the safest prison for the great figures of Granada was pierced. It is a classic summer destination in Spain for its climate and its atmosphere of tapas bars and restaurants where to eat in Almuñécar.

Capital of the Andalusian Tropical Coast, the town of Almuñécar has a cuisine that will not leave you indifferent. Eating in Almuñécar is enjoying a cuisine based on the products of the land and the sea. One of the representative products of the locality is the handle, main exponent of multitude of salads and other recipes. Walk the streets of the town in search of the best sardines, and live the art of Andalusian tapas with the classic fish tapas and crumbs of semolina flour (also called migas granadinas) cooked with hard semolina that ends up transforming them into a tender gacha It can be used to accompany other typical foods of the region such as fish.

If you are a fish lover, do not miss the Mackerel and the Melva de Andalucía (products with I.G.P) and the tuna with onion, a delicacy for the senses when eating in Almuñécar.

Stop by the different Gastronomic Fairs that are celebrated in the area, or by the Subtropical Cooking Days, where you will discover the secrets of these Andalusian specialties as the Chirimoya of the Tropical Coast of Granada-Málaga (product with I.G.P.).

And, to finish the lunchtime in Almuñécar, it sweetens the farewell with the delicious local confectionary products, highlighting the mohína casserole, a cake made with almonds and sugar.

sardinas almunecar
migas segura sierra
mango almunecar

If you want to eat in Almuñécar de tapas we recommend the following locations. First, Er Tapeillo a perfect place to not stay hungry. The quality-price is adequate and the portions abundant. Also, with the drink they usually put something to snack on.

Another option where to eat in Almuñécar is La Sandovala located on the seafront. It has a less elegant appearance than neighboring establishments, however, it is cheap and the portions are plentiful and good.

Finally, the Bar la Trastienda that is in the Plaza Kelibia, a place full of bars. We emphasize this by the rich threads that prepare, our favorite is the ham and roquefort.

comer almunecar bar trapeillo
Bar El Tapeillo
comer almunecar bar sandovala
Bar La Sandovala
comer almunecar bar trastienda
Bar la Trastienda

There are numerous options where to eat in Almuñécar. The Mar de Plata restaurant is one of the most famous in the town. It is a long-established family establishment recognized for its traditional cuisine.

El Chaleco is another classic restaurant to eat in Almuñécar, its cuisine is French, which is a novelty in the local gastronomic scene.

In the restaurant Los Geraneos the best of the local specialties is offered; Fresh fish from the coast of Granada and other Andalusian recipes.

On the outskirts of the town, the restaurant El Árbol Blanco offers menus and menus with a Mediterranean influence, with touches of international cuisine.

Los Laureles is another recommended place to eat in Almuñécar. Its cuisine is traditionally seasoned with incorporations and contemporary techniques that make it as attractive as it is delicious.

By Larius is another colorist proposal that uses fresh ingredients to elaborate its dishes of both international and national inspiration.

In the Reina Sofía restaurant, a cuisine that combines tradition and modernity, offers a wide selection of wines from different denominations of origin.

In the surroundings of Almuñécar there are several establishments that have the necessary infrastructures to organize and celebrate weddings or other kinds of events; some of them, due to their special capacity, are also very practical if you are looking for a place to find a table. We talk about places like Cabajío, in La Galera beach, or Venta Luciano, north of the town.

comer almunecar restaurante chaleco
Restaurante El Chaleco
comer almunecar restaurante geraneos
Restaurante Los Geraneos
comer almunecar restaurante by larius
Restaurante By Larius

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