Eating in Palma del Río

Eating in Palma del Río

This beautiful town of Cordoba, between the Guadalquivir and Genil rivers, surrounded by fertile orchards and enveloped by the scent of orange blossom from its orange trees, has transcended the borders of Spain and has achieved worldwide fame. The gazpacho is the great protagonist in a gastronomy full of flavors and textures. There are not many restaurants and bars to eat in Palma de Río but you will taste their traditional dishes with great results.

Located between the rivers Genil and Guadalquivir, the town of Palma del Río rises as an opportunity to get to know the gastronomy of Cordoba in all its splendor. To know what to eat in Palma del Río, you can start enjoying a classic gazpacho made from its variety of dried beans, a recipe that uses the products of the great Palmeña garden.

Continue tasting the delicacies offered by the area, where the tapas of ham, cheese and cold meats will delight your visit. Walk the streets in search of the most succulent game dishes, since the tradition of the montería is very rooted in this town; the partridge, the rabbit and the stuffed tenderloin are some of the examples you will find in the good table, accompanied by some delicious asparagus or palm hearts.

But not only meat lives in the region, since fishing for the barbel has been a traditional activity in Palma. Put the finishing touch to your culinary experience and do not miss the meringue sweets, the flakes (typical in Easter) or the cream sticks, without forgetting the most famous protagonist of the town: the orange, alone or as an ingredient in multitude of recipes.

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At Mario’s bar and restaurant you’ll find very good tapas, like fried cod. A very clean and close place where you can also eat a delicious Pedro Ximénez chicken pate. El Rinconcito is a tapas bar where you will find tapas such as bull meat, beef with tomato or rice.

comer palma rio bar rinconcito
Bar El Rinconcito
comer palma rio bar marios
Bar Mario's

The options for eating in Palma del Río are based on the gastronomy of the province of Córdoba; Traditional dishes made with local products. Casa Manolo is a classic establishment in the town that stands out as much for its good service as for its cuisine, valued among the best to eat in Palma del Río.

The restaurant Monasterio de San Francisco has a varied and quality menu in which game products and local recipes are the basis. Its facilities have the capacity and the means to organize all kinds of events.

The Hermanos Zamora hotel has a nice restaurant where the family atmosphere is mixed with the good cuisine of local tradition.

Mario’s restaurant offers a menu with roast meats and other specialties. It also has a wide selection of tapas at the bar.

In the surroundings of Palma del Río there are several places specialized in celebrating all kinds of family events, business or any other type. They have facilities to accommodate large numbers of guests and have a wide and varied menu. Some of them are Palacio de Portocarrero, Hacienda Santa Lucía and the Malpica rural center.

comer palma rio hacienda santa lucia
Hacienda Santa Lucía
comer monasterio san francisco palma rio
Restaurante Monasterio de San Francisco
comer palma rio restaurante hermanos zamora
Restaurante Hermanos Zamora

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