Eating in Cabra

Eating in Cabra

Surrounded by olive groves, its exquisite oil has fame throughout the country. Eating in Cabra means tasting different recipes and dishes prepared with different quality ingredients. The confectionery also has a special place in this town. You can enjoy its cuisine with the variety of bars and restaurants that exist to eat in Cabra.

Known for its fields full of olive trees, the town of Cabra offers you a delicious gastronomic offer. Eating in Cabra is to enjoy a cuisine based on the products of the garden and the mountains. Enjoy its chickpea stew with spinach or its famous empedrao (a stew of beans), in addition to the classic classic: the Cordoban gazpacho.

Taste the taste of D.O.P. Olive Oil Baena, with which the dishes of the region are prepared, as well as the Vinagre de Montilla-Moriles with D.O.P. Taste the meat and marinades of the Egabrenses, among which stand out traditional recipes such as goat pastry or peppers stuffed with pork. Walk the streets of the town in search of the best snails with ham or a tapa of meatballs of anchovy, all a delight.

Water these delicacies with a good D.O. Montilla-Moriles and sweeten your palate with convent confectionery of the nuns of the area, among which oil cakes and bizcotelas stand out, which are nothing more than fine biscuits that are covered with dry meringue which can be add some kind of cream

pimientos rellenos
salmorejo baena
ternera alange

To share a large portion, we recommend the Mesón San Martín. A quiet establishment in which to order oxtail, clams a la marinera, hake with gulas … It is located next to the town hall, in the center of the town. Another inn to eat rations is La Casilla, where order some squid grilled stuffed and a few anchovies. They prepare a good salmorejo! In La Malagueña you can ask for some delicious tapas, like a flamenquín.

comer cabra meson san martin
Mesón San Martín
comer cabra meson casilla
Mesón La Casilla

There are numerous options for eating in Cabra, from modest tapas bars and rations to typical food restaurants or sales located in the natural setting of the Sierras Subbéticas. One of the most famous establishments in the town (named in the previous section) is Mesón San Martín, which has an extensive menu based on typical products of Cordoba cuisine, the first base of its cookbook.

In the center of the town, the restaurant La Malagueña is another essential when eating in Cabra. Its cuisine is traditional, based on local products, fish and fresh seafood. Very good prawns with garlic as well as sirloin with grenadine.

The restaurant Mesón La Casilla also elaborates a careful kitchen where the local recipes are the basic essence of its menu, worked with fresh products of the surroundings.

On the outskirts of the town is the Los Pelaos ventorrillo, which offers a menu with a good relationship between quality and price in a natural environment of the first order. They have a daily menu and if you eat a la carte the desserts are very cheap. Abundant quantities and foods with a lot of flavor.

In the land of the Sierras Subbéticas, next to the source of the Cabra River, there is the restaurant Fuente del Río, which accompanies its traditional cuisine from Cordoba in a privileged location. If you are looking for establishments where, due to their special capacity of reception, find a free table or celebrate any kind of event, the salons of the Fuente Las Piedras and Mitra hotels are perfectly equipped for this and have catering services that can be adapted to that kind of event. occasions

comer cabra restaurante malaguena
Restaurante La Malagueña
comer cabra restaurante fuente rio
Restaurante Fuente del Río

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