Eating in Tarifa

Eating in Tarifa

Located in the most northern point of the Iberian Peninsula, its strategic position between two seas and between two continents has conferred a unique character. It is currently one of the world meccas of bird watching and windsurfing. But not only that, the cuisine of the area will make eating in Tarifa unforgettable.

In the city of the wind from Cádiz you will find a wide variety of dishes to taste the Andalusian delights. Eating in Tarifa is an experience, the city offers typical tapas in the area: the shrimp tortilla, the fried nettles, the tomatoes and stuffed peppers, the dogfish in adobo or the mojama in thin slices. The different culinary offerings in the area include dishes such as onion or tomato soup, stew of cabbage or collards, tripe with chickpeas, tagarninas stew or wild asparagus scrambled eggs. To continue this gastronomic route you can accompany these dishes with any of the varieties of fish existing in the municipality, such as the Mackerel and the Melva de Andalucía (both products with I.G.P) or the famous red tuna from the Strait. Dishes such as Urta a la Roteña (made with tomato and different varieties of vegetables), baked sea bream, grilled or onioned tuna and fried fish in general. If instead you prefer a meat dish, you can eat in Tarifa the juicy oxtail in sauce that they make locally. To top off this gastronomic selection with something sweeter you can try desserts of tocinos de cielo,huesos de santo, almond cakes and torrijas.

tortillita camarones
mojama ayamonte

Eating tapas is a widespread idea among those who approach their streets. The offer is wide and varied, with quality bars among which El Cañita stand out or La Romanera pub, which also offers traditional dishes.

comer en tarifa
Tasca Romanera

There are numerous options for eating in Tarifa, one of the main touristic enclaves of the province of Cádiz. The Morilla restaurant is located in the center of the historic center of the town and has an extensive menu based on products from the area, the port of Tarifa and local livestock.

The inn El Caserón also specializes in grilled meats and fresh fish such as the famous red tuna of the Strait.

If you are looking for something different, La Mandrágora restaurant offers a wide range of Mediterranean, Asian and Moroccan recipes.

Another option is to go to La Casona restaurant, which with its daily menu of elaborated and quality cuisine is one of the culinary references when eating in Tarifa.

If you are looking for larger places,to hold any kind of event, outside Tarifa there are several establishments that always offer variety and quality. Some of them are the El Pozuelo Inn or the restaurants of the La Torre and La Peña hotels.

Seafood, very present in the city, can be tasted in places like El Ancla.

comer tarifa restaurante torre
Restaurante La Torre
comer tarifa meson caseron
Mesón El Caserón
comer tarifa restaurante casona
Restaurante La Casona

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