Eating in Rota

Eating in Rota

Located at one end of the Bay of Cádiz, Rota is a town marked by a long and interesting history which has inherited an attractive and extensive monumental heritage. Famous for its naval base, nowadays it is also an important tourist attraction of sun and beach. All this has contributed to the development of the hotel trade, so eating in Rota opens a range of options. Do you want to know which are the best placesfor eating in Rota?

Everything that you should be eating in Rota is strongly linked to the character of this coastal town that was once recognized, among other things, for the quality of its garden. The nearby coasts and fish markets are the main suppliers of all kinds of fish and shellfish that can be cooked roasted, fried or in the form of different traditional seafood-inspired stews. Rota has to its credit several recipes that make its cuisine unique compared to other towns from its surroundings. The arranque roteño, for example, is a kind of gazpacho very popular for eating in Rota. La urta a la roteña is one of the most popular dishes of the local cuisine; It is a stew of urta, a fish once little appreciated that used to be consumed by fishermen. Every year, the virtues of this fish are recognized by a party held in his honor. Another recipe made using garden products is the roteña cabbage, cooked with white beans, peas, beans, knuckle, blood sausage, chorizo and more similar ingredients.

comida tipica rota
urta rotena
arranque rota

If you want to eat in Rota de tapas the Bodeguita Romero is an ideal place located in the Plaza de las Canteras. With a careful decoration and an outdoor terrace, they offer tapas of fried fish, mini-hamburgers, albondigón … Another recommended place to eat in Rota is La Terraza, where they serve beer cubes and Galician-inspired tapas. Potato croquettes are highly recommended. Finally, Tasca Talaván with a terrace surrounded by flowers and plants serve some great tapas.

comer rota bodeguita romero
Bodeguita Romero
comer rota bar terraza
Bar La Terraza
comer rota tasca talavan
Tasca Talaván

There are many places for eating in Rota. El Embarcadero, located in the Duque de Nájera hotel, is a restaurant that offers a menu specializing in Mediterranean and seafood cuisine prepared mainly based on fish and seafood of good quality and native origin.

A well-valued place to eat in Rota is Badulaque, a place where you can enjoy different meats, rice and fish in a pleasant atmosphere and in a location close to the beach.

Ballena is a restaurant specializing in rice dishes, where a wide variety of recipes made from such cereal is offered, as well as a menu where you can find meat, fish and other dishes typical of Andalusian and Cadiz cuisine.

La Dolce Vita is a very popular restaurant with visitors and neighbors at lunchtime in Rota. Its cuisine is of Mediterranean and Italian essence, always using raw materials of recognized quality.

comer rota restaurante embarcadero
Restaurante El Embarcadero
comer rota restaurante badulaque
Restaurante Badulaque
comer rota restaurante dolce vita
Restaurante La Dolce Vita

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